GSI Outdoors: Car Camping Essentials

From Blue Ridge Outdoors

By Aaron Bible

What’s not to love about car camping?

All the comforts of home rolled out into the woods, plus your favorite gadgets and techy tools to boot? You get breathtaking views, all the fresh air you want, and if the weather turns or things get weird, you’re only a car ride away from a Denny’s or Motel 6. And for most of us, car camping brings back all the child hood memories of camping with the family – both good and bad.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, of the 43 million people who camped last year, 38 million of those were car, RV, or backyard camping, and manufacturers are taking notice of this fact.

When I’m heading out for a weekend of climbing or paddling, car camping frees me to focus on the gear and preparedness for my sport, not my camping gear. With that, here are a few Blue Ridge Outdoors picks for some must-have car camping favorites…



One of the most trusted names in camping and still family held, GSI is especially known for their durable camp kitchenware and innovative accessories. And once you have a set of dedicated and reliable pots, pans, dishes and utensils for camping, you’ll thank yourself every time out. One of our favorites is the new 4.7-liter Halulite cooking pot ($44.95), featuring dual locking stainless steel bail handles, integrated straining holes (no need to carry a colander), silicone thumb pads for handling, and a spiral-turned base that helps it stay put. The enduring Destination Kitchen Set 24 ($49.95) gives you everything you need to serve a family of four and stays put in a handy carrying case. You’ll also want to add the Vortex hand-crank blender ($99.95) to the gear box, because eating good food and making fancy drinks is really what car camping is all about. GSI even has a new line of campground games designed to be packable and durable, even for backpacking. New items include Freestyle Bocce ($30), Table Tennis, Kubb, and classics like Chess ($12), Checkers and Backgammon.

Clever Camping Cookware Designs

From Core77

Auto designers and Milan-friendly furniture folks are the rockstars of industrial design, but designers who work on camping cookware deserve more credit than they get. To take cookware, a line of objects with clearly-defined form factors, and completely re-think them to make them compact, minimalist and lightweight is a challenge many of us would (and did) fail at in design school; but look at some of the leading camping goods companies and you’ll see all manner of clever design solutions and a real understanding of materials.

Sometimes the innovations are small, as with GSI Outdoors’ Halulite Pot. For example, a built-in strainer is something you’ve seen in conventional cookware, as with these:


But the moderate design flaw with those designs is that they require hand protection from the heat of the lid. GSI’s designers got around this with two simple pieces of silicone to protect your mitts while you pour and hold the lid in place.0campingcookware-003

Pack space for campers is at a premium, of course, and GSI’s designers have done more than prevent one from having to carry oven mitts. Their Pinnacle set, an “integrated cooking and eating solution,” packs an absurd amount of dining items into a compact space:


The color-coded items are so you know whose cup/plate was whose, potentially cutting down on washing time. When it does come time to clean up, the watertight sack that holds everything can be used as a sink. And while the color-coding convention, the subdividing of cups into quadrants and the nesting are not design conventions unique to GSI, we point them out as examples of design thinking for camping cookware.



GSI Outdoors: JavaMill


GSI Outdoors JavaMill- compacting, hand-crank coffee grinder

The first shipment just arrived- new design for 2014
There is nothing more rewarding, nothing more refreshing than the scent of freshly ground coffee floating on the mountain air. Unlock all of the flavor & aroma of your favorite coffee no matter where you find yourself. An adjustable, conical burr, hand-crank Ceramic Coffee Grinder! The perfect start to your mornings outdoors for years to come.

  • Sturdy alloy handle nests down along side the Mill for easy packing.
  • Easy to fill top with smooth action bearing makes for easy coffee bean grinding.
  • Dimensions- 2.5” x 2.0″ x 6.3”
  • Weight- 9.5 oz.- 269 g
  • Materials- BPA Free Tritan Co-polyester, Ceramic

Product Use- Gourmet Backpacking Car Camping
INCLUDES- Grinding Arm, Silicone Grip, Grounds Cup, Bearing Assembly

Portable French Press All-In-One Mug: GSI Commuter Java Press


GSI Commuter Java Press, $19.95

I LOVE my coffee, it is the one item of luxury that I bring on all my trips and the GSI Commuter Java Press has just become my favorite item.  This mug enables you to produce your favorite loose leaf tea or fresh ground coffee anywhere you can find hot water; and what’s best about it is that it does it all in just one mug.  It is portable, light, and sturdy with a plunger design consisting of an outside housing and a tight inner tube fitted with a sealed fine screen.  Basically, you toss your loose leaf or fresh grounds into the housing, pour in hot water, plunge down, and your drink is ready!

There are several major advantages to this design.  First, this is the only french press I know that does it all in one portable piece.  Other French Presses pour off into a separate cup meaning you have to bring a separate mug to enjoy your brew.  Second, the inner/outer tube design with the additional neoprene sleeve creates a natural insulation that keeps my drink hot for a long time.  Third, the mug comes apart into all of its pieces, making it a breeze to clean.  As a bonus, the plastic has resisted taking on a flavor or scent and my occasional cup of tea tastes like tea.  Fourth, the mug is small enough to fit into any cup holder…

ALL SAID AND DONE, this has become my travel mug and now I can enjoy fresh ground coffee anywhere without extra pieces cluttering up my pack.  I recommend it to all my coffee drinking friends and definitely for a commuter that wants the convenience of a french press and portability of a tall cup all at a very affordable price.

from Milo Pierwola on


GSI Outdoors: Pinnacle Camper Cooking Set


2013 Gear Of The Year by 50 Campfires

If you are new to the camping world, learning to efficiently cook at a campsite can be tough. Having the right gear is key to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

The editors  at 50 Campfires have selected the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper as among one of the 5 pieces of gear that make meals at your campsite a breeze.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper
Even when car camping we’re always looking to save space in our camping totes. The Pinnacle Camper is your answer for a compact cooking set that has everything you need. The Pinnacle Camper is designed for 4 people. Everything is nested together and fits in the 3 liter pot. It also comes with a 2 liter pot, 9″ frying pan, 4 insulated mugs, 4 bowls, 4 plates and an interchangeable pot gripper. The best part is it all fits into a carrying case that doubles as a sink for dishes! Yes, we’re excited about a sink. It’s a solid cooking set and takes up minimal space.

MSRP: $129.95

It makes a great gift. We all know that: the family that camps together… loves coordinated and nesting cookware…. and stays together.

Check out more from 50 Camfires and GSI Outdoors

GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery


Uncrate is the digital magazine for guys who love stuff. Five awesome new things are posted every day. They’ve found 9642 things since 2005. They got their hands on the GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery and had the this to say:

Ditch those flimsy, disposable forks, spoons, and knives you’ve been bringing camping and pick up a set that will last, the GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery Set ($16). It’s made from halulite, an anodized alloy made to be light (the set weighs an almost-unnoticeable 1.8 ounces) without sacrificing strength. Each utensil clips onto an included carabiner, so nothing will get lost in your bag.

Available Spring 2014.

You can check out the full Halulite line at GSI Outdoors.

GSI Outdoors: Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask


Adventure starts here: Relaxation features GSI’s classic flask in a post about an often forgotten subject…
Relaxation… You know the good old camp siesta!
“GSI knows you want to kick back like an adult.
They know you want to show refined leisure as well, hence a flask wrapped in leather.
As it swings in the gentle breeze, let your throat burn and your mind melt into woodsman or woodswoman mode.”
Read the rest of the article to see how they combine our flask, a Hammock, Pillows, Sleeping Bag, & Pad to yield the ultimate comfort-


GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flasks

Two Sizes- 4 & 6 fl. oz.
Elegantly rugged, classic hip flask
Durable, polished Glacier Stainless® finish & leather detailing for a lifetime of use.
Screw-down, hinged top and filling funnel assures that you won’t waste a drop of your favorite beverage.
Materials– Stainless Steel and Leather
Includes– Flask, Hinged Top, Filing Funnel

A Proper Camp Breakfast with GSI Outdoors

GSI Pinnacle griddle

GSI Pinnacle griddle

“Hickory-smoked bacon sizzles on a griddle. The fat pools, spreads, and infuses eggs scrambling in butter nearby.
Did your salivary glands just twitch? Of course they did. To do bacon and eggs—and many other proper camping dishes—correctly it’s nice to have a griddle.…

We recently tried the Pinnacle Griddle from GSI Outdoors.

It’s aluminum and just a bit over two pounds, yet offers a generous 10 by 18-inch cooking area surrounded by a grease moat. The surface is some non-stick space-age stuff—which we eschew at home but which is nice for cleaning up with a limited water supply. The back is hard-anodized (GSI offers a non-anodized version called the Bugaboo).

The grease moat keeps excess grease off the main cooking area.

The Pinnacle Griddle’s aluminum is fairly thin, which means low heat will suffice, but not so thin that there were hotspots—it heated and cooked evenly for both bacon and pancakes.

Cooking eggs and tortillas in the bacon grease. Can life get any better?

Cooking eggs and tortillas in the bacon grease. Can life get any better?

For the full review check out:

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Griddle

  • Ultimate Hard Anodized durability, efficiency, heat distribution
  • Easy cleaning Teflon with Radiance Technology non-stick surface.
  • Non-reactive, hard anodized surface is harder than stainless steel while heating with exceptional efficiency and uniformity.
  • Efficient grease collection channel
  • Useable over embers, stoves and barbecues.
  • Convenient handles also allow griddle to be hung for cooling or storage.
  • Dimensions- 19.70″ x 11.10″ x 1.70″
  • Weight- 2 lbs 3oz.
  • Materials- Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Griddle

  • Highly conductive aluminum construction for excellent heat distribution, durability and performance.
  • Easy cleaning Teflon Classic two layer coating non-stick surface.

2013 Spring Camping Gear Review Roundup: GSI Outdoors

“OK, all you folks out there with cabin fever, it’s time to gear up, and get out into the wilderness and enjoy all the upcoming beautiful spring weather!

This roundup will cover 10 fun and effective camp gadgets that will tickle the fancies of novice explorers and seasoned adventurers alike.GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist cook set & ultra light kettle:


GSI Outdoors makes a wide variety of really cool camping cookware gear.

Amongst them are the Pinnacle Soloist cook set and the ultra-light teakettle.
The Soloist can hold 14 fl. oz., weighs in at 10.9 oz., and has the following dimensions: 5.00″ x 5.40″ x 5.50″.

Made with a rubber coated folding handle and a non-stick Teflon coating, it also comes with a vented plastic lid/strainer, insulated plastic bowl, collapsible plastic Spork, and a carrying pouch that doubles as a sink. Even though I would have preferred that the lid and bowl be made of metal and not plastic, they both seem quite sturdy.

The teakettle can hold 1 qt., weighs only 5.8 oz, and is 6.30″ x 6.00″ x 3.20″ in size. Both the teakettle handle and the lid handle are rubber coated. If you want a teakettle for camping, this is the one to get.

Both of these cookware items seem to me to be well-made, lightweight, and durable. If you need camping cook gear that just works whether it is used for tailgate camping or backpacking, you should consider checking out GSI Outdoors.”


Rambling Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist

ArizonaWanderings-424x200 From Arizona Wanderings a Rambling Review of the GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist…

“Everyone is looking for that all in one cooking setup that is lightweight and packable. My wife and I often backpack together and so some of the smaller solo systems do not fit our needs. We have been using the GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist for the past couple of months and have been really impressed with the functionality of the whole system.


All the pieces– The GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist is comprised of multiple pieces of cook and dinnerware.

–       One 1.4 L Pot with a strainer lid

–       Two 14 fl. oz. insulated mugs,

–       Two 14 fl. oz. bowls

–       Two Sip Tops for the insulated mugs

–       Two Telescoping Foons

–       A Stove Bag,

–       Welded sink which is also the carrying bag

The whole Halulite Microdualist system weighs around 18 ounces making it a lightweight option for a backpacking trip.

Field Use:
I packed the GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist on several long dayhikes in order to heat up lunch, coffee and tea. The MicroDualist also made the journey into the Grand Canyon where it served as our entire cook kitchen. At almost six inches tall and only 18 oz. the GSI Microdualist is perfect for a a day trip where you need a hot lunch but also excels on a multiday trip into the backcountry.

Breaking everything down, here are some of the highlights from the GSI Outdoors Halulite MicroDualist. The main cooking pot is the perfect size for two people. When boiling water for Ramen, coffee, or a couple of Mountainhouse meals, the 1.4 Liter Halulite cooking pot does the trick and allows you to boil enough for two people at the same time. With a folding rubber-coated handle and a strainer lid, GSI Outdoors seems to have thought of everything. The pot itself is made from Halulite, a proprietary alloy that also conducts heat better.” I’ve banged and dropped this pot more times than I would like to admit and it looks as good as new.


When I first opened up the Halulite Microdualist I was confused because I only saw two plastic container/cup/bowls. GSI strategically made two of the plastic bowls a bit smaller so the fit snugly together and save a ton of room.  Two of the cup/bowls have a nice insulating sleeve complete with a Sip-It top for a hot beverage or soup. The plastic containers are made out of GSI Outdoor’s Infinity plastic which claims to not absorb food odors the way that other plastics do.


Prognosis:  The GSI Outdoor Halulite MicroDualist cookset is a great option for two or more campers/backpackers. It provides functionality and durability while on the trail.”


Halulite MicroDualist

From: Arizona Wanderings, Rambling Review- GSI Outdoors: Halulite MicroDualist