Portable French Press All-In-One Mug: GSI Commuter Java Press


GSI Commuter Java Press, $19.95

I LOVE my coffee, it is the one item of luxury that I bring on all my trips and the GSI Commuter Java Press has just become my favorite item.  This mug enables you to produce your favorite loose leaf tea or fresh ground coffee anywhere you can find hot water; and what’s best about it is that it does it all in just one mug.  It is portable, light, and sturdy with a plunger design consisting of an outside housing and a tight inner tube fitted with a sealed fine screen.  Basically, you toss your loose leaf or fresh grounds into the housing, pour in hot water, plunge down, and your drink is ready!

There are several major advantages to this design.  First, this is the only french press I know that does it all in one portable piece.  Other French Presses pour off into a separate cup meaning you have to bring a separate mug to enjoy your brew.  Second, the inner/outer tube design with the additional neoprene sleeve creates a natural insulation that keeps my drink hot for a long time.  Third, the mug comes apart into all of its pieces, making it a breeze to clean.  As a bonus, the plastic has resisted taking on a flavor or scent and my occasional cup of tea tastes like tea.  Fourth, the mug is small enough to fit into any cup holder…

ALL SAID AND DONE, this has become my travel mug and now I can enjoy fresh ground coffee anywhere without extra pieces cluttering up my pack.  I recommend it to all my coffee drinking friends and definitely for a commuter that wants the convenience of a french press and portability of a tall cup all at a very affordable price.

from Milo Pierwola on trektechblog.com


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