Gear Review-Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack


From Yackle Brother’s Racing

As previous owner of Yakima Racks leading competitor comparable hitch rank, I come to this dance with a wealth of experience of what is needed and good about this type of Rack. I AM NOW THE HAPPIEST GUY ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!
The first thing I noticed about the HoldUp is its quality! Every part of this unit was built for the job it was meant to perform. Unlike other racks, it is stable, no flopping side to side and up and down us you drive down less than perfect roads. All of the components are quality in construction and their integration in to one unit was well thought out! 

Second, the ratching wheel locks are secure when adjust in the traveling mode, no more loosing ratch locks while you trave which was the main-stay of our other racks!

Third, the wheel strap assembly is a fixed point attachment. This eliminates the float that happened in the other design, which always ended up, when coupled with leading competitor’s insecure ratch lock system, allowing our bikes to flop around on the rack. Yakima’s HoldUp design gives me the confidence that our bikes are permanently secure on the rack, until we remove them at our destination!

Fourth, the HoldUp’s 3 positions (springpin and pin system): up, bike carry mode and down (vehicle access mode) gives me all the flexiibly I need for comfort and convienence to have the hitch always on our vehicle. Unlike the leading competitors pivoting syetem it work easy and effortlessly. No more struggles with the handle and bar system that wears to the point where it took massive force and then enevitable jerry-rigged repairs just to make it function!

Lastly, Yakima Tw HoldUp bike cable lock system is easy and convenient to use. Just pull it out of its secure storage position and wrap it around your bike and snap it onto the post. That’s it it’s done! To undo just slip your key into the lock which is in a convenient location and turn. Gone is the incredibly cumbersome cable locks of the leading competitors offering. No more trying to insert a y-forked end into a lock and aligning it just right so the lock actual turns. No more key needed to lock and unlock your bike, where Yakima offers a click-in locked mode. Those of you who have had one of the other guy’s hitches can know the PAIN I experience each time I used those darn locks!

Treat yourself to a Yakima Rack, a Cargo Box or other fine product and you’ll be happy you you made the purchase.

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