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The Best Bike Rack for Any Adventure

Sweet Rides for Your Ride

Whether you’re headed on a weekend trip, to the local trail system for a lunch ride or the top of your favorite descent, a good bike rack is key. It’s no fun to have to throw your bike in the back of your car, finagling it by twisting the handlebars, taking off the front wheel, lowering the seat, and so on. Not to mention muddy bikes, which can make quick work of your plush alcantara interior. (What?! You don’t have an alcantara interior??) Also, a bike rack allows you to bring tons of other stuff with you, like your buddies, your dog, a refrigerator, or whatever else tickles your fancy.


Editor’s Pick: The Dr. Tray is, hands down, one of the most stable hitch-mount bike racks I’ve ever used. The mechanism that attaches the rack to your receiver utilizes a wedge that eliminates virtually all movement and sway. The trays are also infinitely adjustable, allowing you to position both bikes exactly where you want them and eliminate any chance of them rubbing against each other.

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Yakima Is Taking Camping to New Heights With the SkyRise

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yakima-skyrise-feature-1200x450-cEvery outdoor junkie wants a camper van — we get it. They’re the epitome of portability and convenience, even if they’re not quite as capable or luxurious as a dedicated RV. Nonetheless, they rarely come cheap. Perhaps that’s why rooftop tents — you know, the pop-up tents you strap to the top of your Jeep Cherokee before hitting the road  — are becoming more popular among outdoor enthusiasts with each passing year. Expedience, it seems, is always in demand.

Yakima, a renowned rack-manufacturing stalwart, is just the latest company looking to elevate your sleeping quarters. The forthcoming SkyRise Rooftop Tent ($1,000+) comes in two sizes — one that accommodates three adults and one designed to comfortably sleep two — and requires no tools to install. The modern, lightweight tents utilize 210D ripstop nylon and are made to resist all types of weather thanks to their rugged DRW coating, ensuring you’ll stay dry regardless of where you wander. The medium and small models also weigh 120 and 95 pounds, respectively, meaning they’re up to 40 pounds lighter than the competition.

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Inside, you’ll find a built-in, 2.5-inch foam mattress and overhead ventilation panels that help with airflow and provide elevated views of the surrounding region. It doesn’t take much to enjoy said views either, given the SkyRise’s entire setup process takes about a minute. Simply remove the weather-resistant cover, unfold the tent, and drop the affixed aluminum ladder. When in transit, the unit folds into itself, allowing for a low-profile when on the road. Just don’t forget to fill the tank.

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Yakima SkyRise


Yakima SkyRise

The first rooftop tent from Yakima

Lightweight, easy to install, and mega-comfortable in all types of weather, the Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent is on its way. Coming in two sizes for an ideal fit on small or larger vehicles, the SkyRise features a big skylight for clear night star viewing, and a DWR coated rainfly for less ideal conditions.




With universal mounting hardware and a super-comfy foam pad, the SkyRise is ready to roll to any roadtrip destination. And because it’s from Yakima, you will know your fit is secure, even on small vehicles.




Don’t waste your vacation time setting up camp – pitch your tent in seconds and get back to the fun part. We bet you’ve never broken camp this fast before.


Yakima Partners With Locally

From SGB Media by Carly Terwilliger



Yakima Products Inc., a vehicle racks and cargo solutions company, has partnered with Locally, an online-to-offline commerce platform that supports local retailers by guiding consumers to local dealers with the desired Yakima products in stock.

“We love that Locally supports both our consumers and our brick-and-mortar retailers. It brings together the best of both worlds for our consumers – blending our unparalleled online vehicle customization tool plus the convenience of the 24/7 online experience with the hands-on help and support from local retailers,” said Jason McGibbon, VP of sales at Yakima. “For our retail partners, Locally enables them to have a wider-reaching online presence, and to reach their local customers.”

Locally currently features more than 250 Yakima products. Consumers can do their research online, then find a local retailer to complete their transaction, enabling customers to support their community and get expert in-person assistance.

Lake Oswego, OR-based Yakima launched Locally’s Dealer Locator this summer, which allows shoppers to browse a participating store’s in-stock Yakima selection. Yakima’s phase two, which debuted on November 1, includes a Locally-powered Product Locator installed on every Yakima product page. This feature enables a shopper viewing a specific item to see which nearby store has that exact item in stock.

The Product Locator is powered by live retailer inventory feeds provided by dealers. Through Locally’s “Buy it Locally” conversion platform, shoppers can reserve an item or pay online for in-store pickup at a participating store.

“We’re very excited to have Yakima join the Locally family, and to empower both their local retailers and consumers,” said Mark Strella, Director of business development at Locally. “Yakima has a robust digital platform that lets consumers do online research for the best fit and products for their vehicle. Our tools take the experience one step further and translate that consumer research into local sales.”

The Yakima portfolio of brands includes Yakima, Whispbar and Prorack.

Yakima FatCat 6 Review

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Yakima FatCat 6

If you like to travel with a few ski or board options on a weekend trip or love to carpool with friends or have a family that skis together, then you should check out the Yakima FatCat 6 ski rack.


Yakima FatCat 6 Capacity

The Yakima FatCat 6, as its’ name suggests, can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. To put this to the test, we loaded up the rack with 2 pairs of backcountry cross country skis, 2 pairs of All-Mountain skis, and 2 pairs of powder skis, with approximately 100-110 mm underfoot width. The FatCat 6 was able to accommodate the load with ease thanks to the DualJoint hinge system; the skis felt secure within the rack and the rack itself can be locked closed even when accommodating a large load. If you have super fat skis, then you will likely only be able to fit up to 4 or 5 skis. Unlike any other rack on the market, the FatCat 6 also features an integrated ski lift that helps to raise the binding up off of the roof of your car for taller bindings.


Part-way up locking position

The FatCat 6 features 3 different lock closure positions, which allow you to close the ski rack all the way down if a smaller load, part-way if carrying 3-4 skis, or at the top tier with a max capacity load. No matter the location, a simple turn of the key and the FatCat 6 locks your gear in place, while also locking the rack to your car. Like many newer Yakima products, you can utilize the “SKS” or same key system and eliminate having 4 keys for all of your Yakima products and simplify to just one key. SKS is a major bonus in my book, as a large key ring is annoying when you are on the move.


Secured and locked. Showing the many points of latch/lock.

Yakima FatCat 6 Set Up

For starters, the Yakima FatCat 6 can be used on factory, round, or square crossbars. We tested the FatCat 6 on Thule and Yakima crossbars, as well as our Subaru factory bar. The hardware worked on all three, which is a major plus.

Another bonus, no tools or special hex tools required. This was a major complaint with my previous ski rack, as I could never seem to track down the special tool when needed. I also felt that a thief could easily steal the rack off the car if they too owned the tool, which is easy to find online or even a bit matches from your local hardware store.  The mounting hardware strap on the Yakima FatCat 6 may appear as if it would be easy to saw through and remove the rack from your car.  Fortunately, the strap is stainless steal and features a rubber coating to stick to your bars better and prevents marking on the crossbars as well.

Sleek Design

The Yakima FatCat 6 is much more aerodynamic than its’ predecessor. I did not notice or appreciate a difference in road noise when comparing my cross bars alone vs with the FatCat 6 on top. Carrying 2-4 skis I still didn’t note a difference, however with a full load I could notice it a bit more, but still not awful or anywhere comparable to a cargo box. In addition to sound, I didn’t note a significant change in miles per gallon, despite having the rack on my Subaru for the past 2 months.

The price tag is a bit higher than lower end models, at $249 for the complete set up. However, if you want a ski rack to perform, come with easy installation, provide security, and look good in the process, then you should check out the Yakima FatCat 6. If you like the features of the FatCat 6 but want more room up top for let’s say a bike rack, then check out the Yakima FatCat 4: same great features with scaled down size and carrying capacity.

For more information check out the video below or visit your local Yakima retailer.


Yakima Picks for Fall Adventure



Camping? Leaf peeping? Thanksgiving at grandma’s? Our cargo boxes let you load up and go. Secure, and easy to install and use, Yakima cargo boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes, so there’s one just right for your autumn adventures.


ShowCase 20

Our most advanced cargo box offers sleek design, a glossy finish and family-sized cargo capacity in a do-it-all box that looks great on top of any car.


SkyBox Lo

Under the radar aerodynamics and fifteen cubic feet of cargo capacity make this a versatile choice – great for fall camping trips and winter skiing.


RocketBox 12 PRO

A proven classic, sized for smaller cars and hatchbacks, and easy to put on and take off, it holds a long weekend’s worth of gear for two.


Outdoor Retailer 2016: Expedition Portal Big Hits- Yakima SkyRise RTT

The following is from Expedition Portal by Christophe Noel


Vehicle based travel is an ever bigger part of the outdoor industry landscape.

The biggest news at this year’s Summer Outdoor Retailer show didn’t pertain to a particular product or innovation, but a new bias towards all things overland. I’ve been attending this show since the mid 1990s, and over the years have witnessed certain trends wax and wane, but the explosive influence in overlanding is an unexpected twist. At the root of it, the actual pursuit of overland travel is not experiencing an uptick in popularity as much as it is an acceptance of overland travel tools used to access the backcountry. Ask the show participants who they are, and you’ll likely get the typical responses. Many will say they are climbers, skiers, backpackers, or mountain bikers, but few will say they are true overlanders. That doesn’t mean they don’t drive a Sportsmobile, built-up Tacoma, or have a strong want for a rooftop tent or 10,000 pound winch.

As we walked the show this year, the overlanding vibe was felt at every turn. The event’s daily publication even featured a full article on overlanding and how it is influencing the market and the outdoor audience. Last year marked the first year we had seen a rooftop tent at the show, but this year Tepui, James Baroud, and Freespirit Recreation were on exhibit. One of the most significant launches at the show was at the Yakima booth with their latest project, a hyper-light rooftop tent.

When I walk the floor of the Outdoor Retailer show, I consider myself part of the outdoor industry tribe. They’re my people. I’m an overlander in the sense that I actually like the journey to the trailhead as much as the adventure that lies beyond. I don’t pretend I don’t burn gas or drive a vehicle. I’m stoked to see  the outdoor segment is beginning to accept the automobile as a necessary tool in the pursuit of outdoor fun.

Yakima SkyRise RTT


Ever since the RTT started to gain popularity in North America, countless people asked why the typical tent weighed so much and why they didn’t employ modern tent fabrics. Yakima just launched their new SkyRise tent, and with it, an answer to that question. You can make an RTT with lighter materials and in doing so, bring the weight down to just 80 pounds give or take a few. It also has quick-release attachment points, a welcome innovation for those of us tired of banging our knuckles trying to remove a handful of nuts. At an MSRP of $999 it also hits the value proposition. Time will tell how it stacks up to the competition, but talking to the designers, who have ample experience in the traditional overlanding space, I think it will be a solid success.