Yakima – Your Ticket To Ride – StageTwo and HangTight

You first hear it in the grinding of your gears. The noise of the gravel and mud as you push yourself to go faster, and dig deeper. It’s the loud rally cry that first starts as background noise—growing and growing, until it becomes heavy metal thunder to drown out everything else. It’s the sound that says, don’t wait, ride now, and don’t let anything hold you back. This moment is the perfect place to start. The time to gain new momentum. To climb a little higher. To go a little faster. To live a little wilder. To fire everything all at once. Finally, you have your ticket to ride.


Get ready to take the stage. Designed with spacious stadium style trays and SpeedKnob tech, the new StageTwo bike rack transports your bikes safely, with no handlebar rub and no wobble.


Bring the whole crew, whether the crew has full-suspension bikes, kids bikes, or road bikes, there’s room for everyone. The new HangTight loads up to six bikes on the fly. Smartly designed with tough steel construction, each bike is vertically and securely held in place, making it the ultimate ticket to ride.

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