Impact Protection by CamelBak: Ride Fearless

CamelBak Sternum Protector

Let the scenery, not a sudden impact, take your breath away! Because all riders eventually take a hit, the Sternum Impact Protector™ offers extra protection against minor chest injuries. And because all good stories are best shared with friends, it also features an integrated action camera mount so you can relive the ride once you’re off the trail. This fully adjustable accessory is compatible with the CamelBak family of protection and hydration packs and constructed with the same attention to comfort and functionality as expected from the industry leader.


  • Sternum CE Level II Protector: Protects chest against sudden impact and minor injuries
  • Integrated Action Camera Mount: Compatible with most action camera mounts
  • Perforated for Added Ventilation: Offers air flow and cushioning to maximize comfort and breathability Offers air flow and cushioning to maximize comfort and breathability
  • Fully Adjustable Chest and Shoulder Straps: Adjustable to ensure a custom fit for maximum stability and comfort
  • Pack Compatible: Works in conjunction with hydration and impact protector packs
  • Weight: 328 g/0 lb 11 oz
  • Dimensions: 21 x 26 x 3 cm / 8.3 x 10.2 x 1.2 in
  • Fits Torso: 71-116 cm/28-48 in
  • Price: $100



BikeRadar Yakima Racks 2018

Yakima have a bunch of new products new for 2018 including their new BackSwing hitch adaptor, HoldUp EVO & SingleSpeed racks and a redesigned tailgate pad with the GateKeeper.

Bridgedale Unveils its First Waterproof Sock Range for Outdoor Fans

From by Bob Smith

Bridgedale-Storm-waterproof-1200-682x1024-1Outdoors sock specialist Bridgedale has developed its first waterproof range.

The Storm sock collection will be in shops from May and uses a HydroTech membrane to keep the user’s feet dry.

Bridgedale said the new Storm range has been designed and tested to perform to the highest standards in the wettest conditions when hiking, biking or running.

“Continuing to build on Bridgedale’s century-long sock making heritage, the 100 percent waterproof Storm sock guarantees foot protection and comfort on the wettest trails,” it said. “Even though Bridgedale has been keeping feet warm, dry and protected for many years, providing a good level of water resistance, this is the brand’s first 100 percent waterproof sock range.

“Using the latest production processes, the Storm sock combines advanced yarn technology with progressive design to ensure the waterproof, extremely breathable and windproof Storm sock never lets down any outdoor enthusiast.”

The construction uses an inner sock with up to 60 per cent merino wool for its anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties, combined with wicking synthetic fibres to deliver a stable temperature and move moisture from the skin’s surface. The lining has a terry loop underfoot cushion that extends around both the toes and over the heel.

Over this, the HydroTech membrane is a waterproof, breathable, high-stretch and windproof permeable membrane, which is laminated to the inner and outer layers

The nylon outer protects the waterproof sock against abrasion from footwear. Lycra provides stretch for a snug, comfortable fit and to prevent the sock falling down during activities. As well as Lycra running through the inner and outer sock, it is also added around the arch of the foot to keep the sock firmly in position, reducing any bunching or rucking inside the shoe or boot that could cause irritation.

The waterproofing rating for the membrane is better than 8,000mm hydrostatic head, and it has a moisture permeability of more than 12,000mg/sq m/24hours.

The socks will come in three lengths: ankle+, boot and knee, and three weights, from lightweight through to heavyweight.

Prices will range from £32 a pair for the lightweight ankle socks to £45 for the knee-length heavyweight version.

More details about US Pricing and availability coming soon.

GoPro: Best Accessories for Parents: Bite Mount


For most parents, just about every task is a bit more difficult with a child. An adventure, maybe, but a walk in the park, they are not. Taking photos, for example, can prove daunting, especially if they are still young enough to be a staggering countdown to disaster. Catching your little one in the moment while they remain safely upright with eyes open and mouth smiling is like running into a unicorn during a full moon, then finding a bag of unmarked $100 bills with corresponding note reading, “Please use impulsively.”


But, you still have to capture those moments, right? Your little ones grow up fast, so you need to save all those memories. And thanks to the durable and waterproof design, GoPro is the perfect tool to capture the memory while staying in the moment. That said, there are some accessories out there that can make it even easier.

The Bite Mount, which was originally designed with the surfer in mind, is an outstanding mount for parents, especially those with a toddler who is still learning to balance. With the Bite Mount and your camera set to video or time lapse, you are sure to get plenty of immersive shots, all while both hands are free to keep your toddler upright and away from a crash. Plus, your content will look far more immersive an engaging.


Fiddling with your phone or traditional point-and-shoot takes you out of the moment and hinders your attention. With the camera automatically capturing while you focus on your activity, you get the full experience and plenty of content to relive later.

With the included Floaty, the Bite Mount is also a perfect complement to the swimming pool this summer. Whether it’s swimming lessons, or simply some toddler tosses, you will get the shot and never have to worry about diving to the bottom to retrieve a lost camera.


GoPro Bite Mount

This versatile bite mount with an easy-to-spot float is ideal for hands-free POV footage and more. Capture smooth, stable video while comfortably holding the camera with your mouth. Plus, the built-in mounting buckle slides into any compatible GoPro mount, making it easy to capture multiple camera angles and dynamic changes in perspective.

  • Includes Floaty, an easy-to-spot device that keeps your GoPro afloat
  • Easy to use for hands-free POV capture in any environment
  • Integrated mounting buckle makes it easy to capture new POV angles and quickly change perspectives, or securely mount your camera
  • Ergonomic, rugged design and materials ensure comfortable mouth mounting and stable, shake-free footage
  • $29.99


CamelBak – Live Fearless

Live Fearless is a new original series by CamelBak that explores what it means to rise above what’s comfortable, to strive for a greater good and to push past one’s doubts or societal expectations.

Stay up to-date will all future episodes by subscribing to the CamelBak YouTube Channel, or get the full experience on:

Outside: The Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of 2018 – Jimmy Styks Strider

Outside’s 2018 Summer Buyer’s Guide:

Jimmy Styks Strider 12’6” ($749)

Best inflatable SUP


Blow-up SUPs are becoming more popular by the minute, and the Strider is a standout in the category. It’s light at 22 pounds and has five inches of rocker. Testers said the stiff Strider had no trouble popping over waves without sacrificing tracking in calm water, and its medium 30-inch width helped it glide well. We also liked the easy-to-install fin, a standard feature on Strider boards for 2018, which locks in place without tools. The Strider is less expensive than some similar boards we tested—an impressive feat, given the solid construction and high-quality materials.



Jimmy Styks Strider includes:

  • Adjustable Carbon Travel Paddle
  • Dual Action High-Pressure Pump
  • 10′ Coil Leash
  • Click-N-Go Standard Keyless Fin
  • Premium iSUP Board Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • Roll-N-Go Portability
  • Utility Tie-Downs
  • Camera Mount Ready
  • Inflate to 18 PSI
  • Dual Layer Fusion Construction
  • Weight Limit 260 lbs. (117 kg)

New Yakima Racks For Spring 2018

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Gearing up for Spring 2018, Yakima gets set to roll out some new products in their hitch rack lineup. The company will add a new swing arm that makes it easier to get in and out of the back of your car and a single-bike hitch rack for those quick after work solo missions.

I often throw a single bike on the back of my car whether it’s to head further north to escape the tourist traffic for my weekend ride, or to road trip up to Tahoe and beyond. While not a big deal, a two-bike hitch rack is a bit overkill, especially on my little Mazda Miata.


Answering my plight, Yakima created a new single-bike hitch rack for those fast and light solo missions. The SingleSpeed ($259) carries any kind of bike and is super-easy to install and remove, making it great for the spur-of-the-moment rides. The StrongArm design secures your bike at the wheels, protecting paint jobs and carbon frames. It’s compatible with fat, mountain, road, BMX and kids’ bikes.

The SingleSpeed is the first single bike tray that comes with a full locking package: SKS Locks are included, which lock both the rack to the vehicle and bikes to the rack. The rack weighs just 20 pounds and is compatible with both 2” and 1.25” hitch receivers.

After seeing Küat introduce the Pivot swing arm at Sea Otter earlier this year, I am psyched to see Yakima follow suit with their own version. The new BackSwing ($299) turns any hitch rack into a swing-away hitch rack. It works seamlessly with Yakima’s DrTray and HoldUp and almost any other rack or hitch basket using a 2” receiver. Now, your fully loaded rack can swing well out-of-the-way for easy access to the trunk of your car.

The BackSwing installs in your hitch receiver just like a regular Yakima hitch rack and includes a receiver on the opposite end for mounting your rack. A locking system holds the arm securely closed when you are driving.

The BackSwing will hold loads up to 250 pounds, so can easily accommodate a 4-bike rack. I’m excited for this one as it is impossible to get Lola in and out of the Subaru when we bring our bikes along on any road trip.