GoPro: KARMA Grip is now Available

It’s Our Grip in a Box!

GoPro Releases Karma Grip for Buttery-Smooth Video Capture

GoPro’s new Karma Grip helps you capture stabilized footage so smooth your ordinary shots will look extraordinary, whether you’re cutting first tracks on the mountain, biking across challenging terrain or chasing your kids around the playground. You can use Karma Grip as a handheld device to capture shake-free “follow cam” footage or mount the stabilizer to a Chesty or the Seeker backpack for hands-free, POV video.

Compatible with the HERO5 Black and HERO4 Black and Silver, Karma Grip offers seamless camera connectivity and control. Users can power on and off the camera, start and stop recording and HiLight tag key moments with the push of a button. Additionally, the stabilizer has a Tilt Lock feature that will hold the camera at a desired angle until released, making it effortless to smoothly track an object above or below the horizon.

So whether your next adventure includes hiking or biking, skiing or snowboarding, or any other activity that has you on the move, Karma Grip will keep your shot steady and your mind blown. To learn more read the official release below…

$299.99 Handheld and Wearable Stabilizer
Captures Breathtaking, Shake-Free Video 

Karma Grip from GoPro, Inc. goes on sale today in stores, online retailers and at for $299.99.  Karma Grip is a handheld and wearable stabilization grip for HERO5 and HERO4 cameras that makes it easy to capture incredibly smooth, professional-quality video during a wide range of activities. 

“Karma Grip makes it easy for anyone to capture shake-free, Hollywood-caliber video that is nothing short of stunning,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “Whether it’s holding it in your hand as you chase your kids around the house or wearing it on your chest as you ski, hike or bike, Karma Grip makes ordinary shots look extraordinary.”

Karma Grip enables full control of the GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Support for HERO5 Session cameras will begin in Q2 2017. Users can power on and off the camera, start and stop recording, and HiLight tag key moments using four convenient buttons on the grip. Additionally, Karma Grip features on-the-fly angle adjustment and a pitch lock-and-release feature that makes it easy to capture professional looking cinematic shots.

Versatile and durable, Karma Grip can be used handheld or mounted to GoPro’s Chest harness, Seeker backpack, helmet mounts and more. See it in action above. 

What’s included:

  • Karma Grip Handle and Stabilizer
  • HERO5 Harness (HERO4 Harness sold separately for $29.99; HERO5 Session Harness available Q2 2017)
  • Mounting Ring for attaching Karma Grip to GoPro wearable mount accessories
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Tie-Down Strap and Wrist Lanyard
  • Grip Case for protection and easy carrying
  • $299.99

For more on KARMA Grip check this out:

GoPro: Telemetry and GPS Add New Layers to your GoPro Story


How Fast? How Far? How High?
New Telemetry Feature in Quik for Desktop Unlocks Your HERO5 Black’s GPS

Unlock the data behind your GoPro content with telemetry gauges available today on the Quik for Desktop app. The new telemetry feature adds an immersive layer to your story by providing stats about the action as it unfolds on-screen, from how fast you were speeding down the line on your last mountain run or big wave, to how high you climbed or how many g’s you pulled in your best track turn.

GoPro telemetry taps into the GPS capabilities of the HERO5 Black by capturing data about your GPS path, speed, altitude, g-force, elevation gain and more. The results are overlaid as graphics on your videos, making your content more meaningful and providing benchmarks and milestones for your experiences.  The overlays are also customizable, allowing you to resize and move the gauges and turn on or off each data graphic.


Here’s a more detailed overview of the telemetry data you’ll see in Quik for Desktop with your GPS-activated HERO5 videos:

Info Cluster: see an overview of real-time stats as you watch your video

  • Distance (km or miles)
  • Altitude
  • Elevation Gain
  • Date & time


  • Speedometer tells you how fast you were going and includes a compass for orientation
  • Speed graph displays your speed over time and charts your fastest moments and spikes in activity. Speed graphs also serve as a great tool in the editing and scrubbing process, allowing you to easily identify highlight moments from your footage.

GPS Path: see the route you took and pinpoint your position as you move along the path

G-Force: check out how much g-force you’re pulling against as you accelerate or change direction

For more information about telemetry overlays or to download the Quik for Desktop app, please visit the GoPro software website.

GoPro: Capture Different

“Don’t Stop What You’re Doing, To Capture What You’re Doing”

Last week, GoPro unveiled their first scripted TV ad on primetime television around the world! Check out the spot above.

It’s GoPro’s mission to make it easy for you to capture, edit and share life’s most passionate moments. And whether those moments are spent playing with your kids, hanging out with your friends, discovering a new part of the country or pursuing a hobby that makes you feel alive – GoPro enables you to capture life differently. By actually participating in it.

Find the ad on primetime TV through the end of the year. Dd you see the special airing on Sunday night, 11/13, during Sunday Night Football’s Seahawks v. Patriots match up (Go Hawks!!) And stay tuned for a series of digital breakout videos, which take a deeper look into each scene presented in the ad.

We hope you love it as much as we do!


For more on GoPro helps you Capture Different check out the voice control available only on the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session.

Yakima Partners With Locally

From SGB Media by Carly Terwilliger



Yakima Products Inc., a vehicle racks and cargo solutions company, has partnered with Locally, an online-to-offline commerce platform that supports local retailers by guiding consumers to local dealers with the desired Yakima products in stock.

“We love that Locally supports both our consumers and our brick-and-mortar retailers. It brings together the best of both worlds for our consumers – blending our unparalleled online vehicle customization tool plus the convenience of the 24/7 online experience with the hands-on help and support from local retailers,” said Jason McGibbon, VP of sales at Yakima. “For our retail partners, Locally enables them to have a wider-reaching online presence, and to reach their local customers.”

Locally currently features more than 250 Yakima products. Consumers can do their research online, then find a local retailer to complete their transaction, enabling customers to support their community and get expert in-person assistance.

Lake Oswego, OR-based Yakima launched Locally’s Dealer Locator this summer, which allows shoppers to browse a participating store’s in-stock Yakima selection. Yakima’s phase two, which debuted on November 1, includes a Locally-powered Product Locator installed on every Yakima product page. This feature enables a shopper viewing a specific item to see which nearby store has that exact item in stock.

The Product Locator is powered by live retailer inventory feeds provided by dealers. Through Locally’s “Buy it Locally” conversion platform, shoppers can reserve an item or pay online for in-store pickup at a participating store.

“We’re very excited to have Yakima join the Locally family, and to empower both their local retailers and consumers,” said Mark Strella, Director of business development at Locally. “Yakima has a robust digital platform that lets consumers do online research for the best fit and products for their vehicle. Our tools take the experience one step further and translate that consumer research into local sales.”

The Yakima portfolio of brands includes Yakima, Whispbar and Prorack.

GoPro: The PacMan Returns to the Ring


Five a.m. run, a full day of senate meetings, a post-work sparring session, and occasionally, a game of chess for a nightcap. Not an easy schedule, but when you’re the kind of person who needs to be told to not workout, and you still show up, slowing down isn’t really an option.

This is Manny Pacquiao—world championship welterweight boxer by night, Philippines Senate member by day, and devoted family man between it all. He tried to slow down, he even announced his retirement, but that didn’t last long. Pacquiao isn’t one to have idle hands.

“When I decided to retire, I felt lonely because I have never experienced anything like that,” he explained to GoPro when we caught up with him between training sessions. “But you know when you hang up your gloves and you realize everything, it’s hard to get away when you love the sport.”

He made the decision shortly after being elected to the Philippines Senate. He thought retiring would help make more time to serve as a senator, but since he started his term, only one thing has changed: “What’s different now is that I’m always busy.”

Retirement didn’t last long. In fact, boxing as a sport is no stranger to false retirees—Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Floyd Mayweather, to name a few. The latter most recently out maneuvered Pacquiao to claim the welterweight world championship belt in 2015. But that’s been long filed away in the past and used only as training inspiration.

If you ask him if he feels like he’s getting old today, he vehemently disagrees. And his speed? He says it’s better than ever.

“I can still feel that, the speed, the stamina, and the power, so God is good.”

The PacMan Is back.

This is good news considering he has his first post-retirement bout coming up against Jesse Vargas on Nov. 5. in Las Vegas. Pacquiao trained endlessly, each day reminding himself that, “[Vargas will] be a problem for me if I do not train hard, and if I don’t focus on my training. But when you work hard and sacrifice in training, I don’t think the fight is hard.”

It’s not just his first fight back, though. It’s Pacquiao’s first fight as a senator, which he says is an honor—a historical honor. He is the first boxing senator. He just so happens to sit on more than 20 senate committees and serve as chairman of public works and of sports.

“I am proud because, besides being a boxer, I am giving honor to my country, and also, I am helping people in terms of public service, legislature, laws,” Pacquiao explains.

From boxing as a boy in the Philippines to facing De La Hoya in the ring, Manny has a lot to proud of, which is why GoPro couldn’t turn down the opportunity to not just run with Manny but step into the ring with him.

For the first time ever, fans have the opportunity to see what it’s like to train with Pacquiao and Freddie Roach. Don’t let your guard down as we show you what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the decorated boxer’s jab-cross-hook-uppercut combo.

Check out the video above.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera.

Yakima FatCat 6 Review

The following Review of the Fat Cat 6 is from:



Yakima FatCat 6

If you like to travel with a few ski or board options on a weekend trip or love to carpool with friends or have a family that skis together, then you should check out the Yakima FatCat 6 ski rack.


Yakima FatCat 6 Capacity

The Yakima FatCat 6, as its’ name suggests, can carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. To put this to the test, we loaded up the rack with 2 pairs of backcountry cross country skis, 2 pairs of All-Mountain skis, and 2 pairs of powder skis, with approximately 100-110 mm underfoot width. The FatCat 6 was able to accommodate the load with ease thanks to the DualJoint hinge system; the skis felt secure within the rack and the rack itself can be locked closed even when accommodating a large load. If you have super fat skis, then you will likely only be able to fit up to 4 or 5 skis. Unlike any other rack on the market, the FatCat 6 also features an integrated ski lift that helps to raise the binding up off of the roof of your car for taller bindings.


Part-way up locking position

The FatCat 6 features 3 different lock closure positions, which allow you to close the ski rack all the way down if a smaller load, part-way if carrying 3-4 skis, or at the top tier with a max capacity load. No matter the location, a simple turn of the key and the FatCat 6 locks your gear in place, while also locking the rack to your car. Like many newer Yakima products, you can utilize the “SKS” or same key system and eliminate having 4 keys for all of your Yakima products and simplify to just one key. SKS is a major bonus in my book, as a large key ring is annoying when you are on the move.


Secured and locked. Showing the many points of latch/lock.

Yakima FatCat 6 Set Up

For starters, the Yakima FatCat 6 can be used on factory, round, or square crossbars. We tested the FatCat 6 on Thule and Yakima crossbars, as well as our Subaru factory bar. The hardware worked on all three, which is a major plus.

Another bonus, no tools or special hex tools required. This was a major complaint with my previous ski rack, as I could never seem to track down the special tool when needed. I also felt that a thief could easily steal the rack off the car if they too owned the tool, which is easy to find online or even a bit matches from your local hardware store.  The mounting hardware strap on the Yakima FatCat 6 may appear as if it would be easy to saw through and remove the rack from your car.  Fortunately, the strap is stainless steal and features a rubber coating to stick to your bars better and prevents marking on the crossbars as well.

Sleek Design

The Yakima FatCat 6 is much more aerodynamic than its’ predecessor. I did not notice or appreciate a difference in road noise when comparing my cross bars alone vs with the FatCat 6 on top. Carrying 2-4 skis I still didn’t note a difference, however with a full load I could notice it a bit more, but still not awful or anywhere comparable to a cargo box. In addition to sound, I didn’t note a significant change in miles per gallon, despite having the rack on my Subaru for the past 2 months.

The price tag is a bit higher than lower end models, at $249 for the complete set up. However, if you want a ski rack to perform, come with easy installation, provide security, and look good in the process, then you should check out the Yakima FatCat 6. If you like the features of the FatCat 6 but want more room up top for let’s say a bike rack, then check out the Yakima FatCat 4: same great features with scaled down size and carrying capacity.

For more information check out the video below or visit your local Yakima retailer.


Got A QUIK Minute? The GoPro Challenge Everyone Has Time For


What can you do in a minute? With the GoPro Quik App, you can do a whole heck of a lot. In just a few short moments, you can create an entertaining, immersive edit from all of the footage you have captured with your GoPro. And it can earn you a GoPro Award…which is cash money…$5K to be exact.

For our CEO and Founder, Nick Woodman, the training wheels came off on a recent weekend with his boys. He swiftly tossed his footage into his Quik App, and viola! Check out Nick’s Quik masterpiece below.


But it doesn’t matter if it’s video of the kids, surfing big waves, or just a walk in the park with your pet; it’s all about how you piece together your favorite moments to tell your Quik story in a minute or less. So, let’s see what you got!

To recap: Submit a 60-second video made on Quik for Desktop or Quik for Mobile for a chance to earn Awards, money, fame, fortune, and probably a celebrity love connection.

Enter the Quik Minute Awards Challenge
and tag your submission with #AQuikMinute

If you are a GoPro Retailer contact us at to get the specifics of the GoPro Quik challenge for GoPro retailers.

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