Unracked: Fly Fishing The Pacific Northwest


Matt Swainbank: Events And Training Manager / Fly Fisherman

Winter steelhead, summer trout – Matt is an avid fly fisherman. And – let’s get this out of the way right now – he is not going to share his super-secret spot.



But he will share what he does at Yakima. “My role varies quite a bit. I run point and handle logistics for all of our major national trade shows, plus organize all of our retail training and consumer events. There’s a lot of awesome. A fun aspect is my role is always changing. Spring is about training. I spend a lot of time traveling – I was a Yakima Road Warrior for two years, so I know the fun and the pain. Winter I get to settle back in – a little bit – and start planning for the next season.”



Fishing the Northwest



The Right Gear

Matt’s Yakima system starts with his cargo box – one that’s just the right size. “Man, I would have to say the SkyBox 12 Carbonite is the Yakima thing that I love most. With the Outback and 70-inch bars, I can put the 12 on the side and create room to carry whatever watercraft – canoe, SUP, or a kayak in a JayLow – I need. The narrower box means I can bring fishing and camping gear, a boat, and still have room for the dog.”

Other equipment Matt relies on/loves includes – of course – “All the fly fishing gear.” But he also likes to indulge his inner biologist. “The stuff I tend to pack most often would be field guides – mushroom guide, plant guide – I like being able to be scientific and learn about the ecosystems. We even track cloud cover, water temperature, things like that, and keep a log so we know what the right conditions were. When they line up again, even years later, we know it’s time to get out there.”


SkyBox 12 Carbonite & KeelOver on RoundBars

Matt’s Tips

  1. Always get bigger crossbars than the minimum size recommended….you never know when you want to bring two boats or a bike along
  2. Practice catch and release for our future generations [and safe fish handling]
  3. Catching a fish is only a part of the fun….enjoy the scenery, sights, water, and the companions you are with
  4. The fish don’t just bite when the weather is good…dress appropriately on the bad days and get out there. Plus it means fewer people – that sometimes gives you a better chance
  5. Always take your waders, boots, and lifejacket out of your cargo box when you get home to dry out. Otherwise, fish will smell you from miles away the next time you go out!


On the Road

fishn--600x600When Matt sneaks out of work early, he doesn’t usually go fishing – he would rather commit at least full day to that – he keeps it simple.

“There’s minimal midweek fishing, but there are lots of hikes around Portland. I think the awesome thing about being here is that any direction takes you to something new and exciting, like the desert or the ocean. For a midweek afternoon escape, I grab my best buddy and our dogs and bomb out. Weekends are about fishing, setting up a nice basecamp, and having some Rainiers.”

When pushed to disclose his favorite fishing-focused basecamp, Matt stays cagey. “I think I’ll plead the fifth on that one. Look, the variety is what makes it, any direction you go. Head towards the coast for steelhead in fall and winter, up to the mountains in summer for trout. Even right here on the Columbia and the Willamette, we can go out and fly fish for smallmouth bass.”


Memorable Moments

When asked to share an especially memorable moment, Matt mulls. “I don’t know…just fishing is awesome…”

But he knows. There is definitely The One.

“It was last winter, catching the 34-inch, wild, fresh-from-the-ocean steelhead on the fly. The one in the picture. This was the dream fish. Something that wild, that healthy – it was one of those oh-$%#! moments – whether you’re going to get that thing or it breaks you off. They call them unicorns for a reason. Or a gray ghost – you know they’re there, but they’re a ghost. The stars aligned on that one. We took a quick pic, then sent her off to do her things.”


More Unracked

YakimaUNRACKED_signOff-02Matt isn’t our only awesome employee. Checkout our entire Unracked series to see who else here at Yakima is getting outdoors, how they have their car racked out, tips and tricks, and their favorite Pacific Northwest adventure spots.

Stop in to your local Yakima dealer to get outfitted so you can get out there and find your unicorn!


CamelBak: Ride, Sleep, Repeat – A day in the life of Dane Petersen

The massive wildfires in CamelBak’s backyard are laying waste to Northern California, our thoughts are with all those affected. CamelBak is using their event equipment and volunteering in the community to ensure evacuee’s have fresh water.

Stay safe!

CamelBak: Ride, Sleep, Repeat – A day in the life of Dane Petersen

Take a mental vacation with us back to happier times in the California with filmmaker Zach Youngberg and mountain biker Dane Petersen. Zach brings us some fast-paced footage of a day in the life of Dane Petersen. Follow Dane as he hits a variety of trails through the Sierra foothills.




Filmmaker Zach Youngberg and MTB pro, Dane Petersen have been shooting and riding together for the past four years. Dane picks the zones that he deems perfect for filming, and Zach follows with a camera in tow.  “Dane is super talented on a bike, which makes my job that much easier.” says Zach. They both have busy schedules, but they manage to collaborate once a year to create a compelling video that riders will get excited to watch. Videos always take place on a new trail and in a new area, which keeps things that much more interesting.

After you watch the CamelBak video “Ride, Sleep, Repeat” below, be sure to check out Soil Searching for a taste of how Dane can rip it up on all types of terrain.

Zach tells us, “I’ve been able to see Dane’s riding progress leaps and bounds through my lens. When I was in middle school, Dane was the free rider in our community, and I always saw photos of him throwing x-ups and no handers over big booters that he built. Fast forward to today and here I am working with him. It’s pretty cool to see how much things have changed. I’ve never been too talented on a bike, but I really enjoy the sport as a whole and filming it is my way of tying into the community.”

GoPro Product Spotlight: Shorty

Shorty is the Go-Anywhere Companion for Your GoPro

If you’re anything like us, you probably bring your GoPro everywhere, whether it’s to a barbecue, a concert, a hike or bike ride. Many times, though, you are packing light: just keys, wallet, phone and GoPro.

With that in mind, GoPro designed Shorty, a sleek and portable mini extension pole and tripod that’s ideal for all those on-the-go activities.

Small enough to go in your pocket, clutch or purse, Shorty expands your GoPro’s potential to dynamically capture moments, without adding to your cargo load.

Toss it in your pocket on your way out the door, and you’ll have the perfect little partner to position your camera and get the best shot. Selfies: nailed. Group shots: handled. Timelapses: no problem. Long exposures: ideal.

Keys to Success

  • The pocket-size Shorty is just 4.6in (11.7cm) at its smallest
  • Extend Shorty up to 8.9in (22.7cm) for group shots, selfies and other hard-to-reach angles
  • Prop Shorty up on any level surface with its built-in tripod
  • $39.99

Shorty is now available at select retailers worldwide. Get yours today, and never miss a shot.

Shorty is perfect for those solo moments, too.


Yakima Interbike 2017

The following is from MTBR.com’s coverage of Interbike 2017

Multiple rack updates, a new tailgate pad, camo rooftop tent, and more

Portland-based Yakima has updated some of its most popular racks, improved its tailgate pad, and launched a cool camo version of its SkyRise rooftop tent. Here are all the critical details, launch dates, and prices straight from the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas.

Video: Yakima BackSwing, GateKeeper, HoldUp Evo, SkyRise tent, and more

Hauling bikes behind your car or truck shouldn’t mean not being able to get to your tailgate or trunk. With Yakima’s new BackSwing mechanism, it’s never been easier. Simply pop up the security pin and your rack swings out of the way. This $299 add-on device works with any Yakima (or most other brand’s) rack and holds up to 250 pounds, meaning you can haul four bikes. Availability is set for spring 2018.

Also new from Yakima is the GateKeeper tailgate pad, which includes several key updates from the previous version, including padded individual bike cradles and a window cutout so you can still use your vehicle’s back-up camera. The GateKeeper comes in 5- and 6-bike versions and sells for $139 and $149 respectively. Availability is set for February 2018.

Yakima has also added fat bike-carrying capability to its HoldUp tray rack. The new HoldUp Evo can carry the fattest of fat tire bikes, is lock secured, and has both a pull lever and kick plate so it’s easy to raise or lower the rack out of the way. Price is $499 and it too will be available starting in February 2018. You can also get a single bike version of this rack for $259.

Finally, Yakima is launching a co-branded (with fellow Portlanders Poler) camouflage-version of its popular SkyRise rooftop tent. It will only be available in a 2-person version and comes with a ladder, rain fly, and mattress. New camping accessories include a shoe bag, gear net, fitted sheets, and even an LED lighting system. These are all sold separately.

Gallery: Yakima BackSwing, GateKeeper, HoldUp Evo, SkyRise tent, and more


GoPro HERO6 Black


GoPro HERO6 Black

HERO6 Black transforms your adventures into incredible QuikStories right on your phone. With its all-new GP1 chip, next-level video stabilization and 2x the performance, looking good has never been so easy. Add voice control and a durable waterproof design, and HERO6 Black is the ultimate GoPro for sharing life as you live it.

Easy Storytelling

  • Automatically sends your footage to your phone where the app turns it into a QuikStory—an awesome edited video

Best Image Quality


  • 4K60 video and 12MP photos
  • Advanced video stabilization
  • RAW and HDR photo capture
  • Improved low-light performance
  • All-new GP1 chip powering the camera

Powerful Capture

  • 2x the performance of HERO5 Black
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Immersive stereo audio
  • Exposure control
  • Field of View control: Linear, Wide and SuperView

Ready to Go

  • Rugged + waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing
  • Advanced wireless connection to GoPro accessories, remotes and Works with GoPro sensors
  • GPS + data overlay
  • Faster wireless offload to the GoPro app with 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Easy connectivity to the GoPro app
  • Auto upload to the cloud with a GoPro Plus subscription


Read more of this post

GoPro: Meet HERO6 Black + QuikStories in 4K


Walk away from every adventure with incredible looking footage—and an awesome story to share. Introducing HERO6 Black with QuikStories. It’s a whole new game, and a whole new GoPro.

Stay tuned for more details on the brand new HERO6 Black.

GoPro Quik: Biking in the North Cascades

Last week PRW’s own Dave Goulet participated in the first day of a four day bike ride from Anacortes to Spokane. The first day of the ride followed North Cascades Highway 20 from Fidalgo Island to Diablo Lake. With a HERO5 Session and the GoPro Quik iPhone App Dave made this edit:

Dave’s notes and tips:

  • Record short clips
    • Aim for 30seconds or less, unless it is something super notable. This will make editing easier, your video more compelling and less tedious. (You may have spent 8hours in the saddle but your viewer doesn’t want to.)
  • Different Perspectives
    • When possible make every edit point a change in POV (point of view)
      • For example: Handlebar mount > handheld > Handlebar mount
      • Or even better – record using multiple cameras
    • This breaks up the shots to keep the viewer entertained.
    • Don’t fret too hard on this, Quik will help with edit styles when viewpoints don’t change (See above: the tunnel section)
    • Don’t be afraid to hold the camera in your mouth.
      • Yes, it is a little gross, and be careful not to crash or drop it, but it gives a good POV and stabilizes the camera quite well.
  • Use the Quik App
    • It makes editing a breeze and can compress files to make posting to Instagram or Facebook easier as well as emailing a link to friends and family.
  • Bring more GoreTex
    • OK, that has more to do with cycling in the Pacific Northwest in September, but it is always a good tip.


  • Shot on a HERO5 Session
  • Shot in 1080P @ 30 FPS
  • Video Stabilization: ON
  • Mounts used:
    • Pro Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount
    • Handheld
    • In mouth
    • Set on ground
  • Edited in GoPro Quik iPhone App
  • Quik Style: Grammy
  • Song: Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit
  • Distance biked: 89.8 miles
  • Elevation gained: 3,196 feet