GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery


Uncrate is the digital magazine for guys who love stuff. Five awesome new things are posted every day. They’ve found 9642 things since 2005. They got their hands on the GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery and had the this to say:

Ditch those flimsy, disposable forks, spoons, and knives you’ve been bringing camping and pick up a set that will last, the GSI Halulite Camp Cutlery Set ($16). It’s made from halulite, an anodized alloy made to be light (the set weighs an almost-unnoticeable 1.8 ounces) without sacrificing strength. Each utensil clips onto an included carabiner, so nothing will get lost in your bag.

Available Spring 2014.

You can check out the full Halulite line at GSI Outdoors.

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