GSI Outdoors: Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flask


Adventure starts here: Relaxation features GSI’s classic flask in a post about an often forgotten subject…
Relaxation… You know the good old camp siesta!
“GSI knows you want to kick back like an adult.
They know you want to show refined leisure as well, hence a flask wrapped in leather.
As it swings in the gentle breeze, let your throat burn and your mind melt into woodsman or woodswoman mode.”
Read the rest of the article to see how they combine our flask, a Hammock, Pillows, Sleeping Bag, & Pad to yield the ultimate comfort-


GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Leather Wrapped Flasks

Two Sizes- 4 & 6 fl. oz.
Elegantly rugged, classic hip flask
Durable, polished Glacier Stainless® finish & leather detailing for a lifetime of use.
Screw-down, hinged top and filling funnel assures that you won’t waste a drop of your favorite beverage.
Materials– Stainless Steel and Leather
Includes– Flask, Hinged Top, Filing Funnel

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