GoPro Training App!

SzwMiYhVloVR46ibzZyAtbAEoNMClFA3A7k7xOVeQbB63nYXbeAVsHNYjzwELmrGxQ=h900GoPro continues to push the envelop.

Now not only is it the worlds most versatile camera, it is the most supported camera. Check out the best way to stay up to date and fully trained and informed on all things GoPro.

Your Source for HERO3 Product Info + More

Simply search for “GP Training App” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Download the app
    • Enter the code word “MUSIC” to unlock the app.

You can also download the app by selecting the appropriate link below.

  • Apple iOS –
    • Enter the code word “MUSIC” to unlock the app.
  • Android –
    • Enter the code word “MUSIC” to unlock the app.

Go. Learn and be rad!
Learn about our cameras and get answers to customer questions. Find tech specs, features, video resolution, what’s in the box and more.

Helps you choose the right mounts and accessories for your sports and activities.

Find quick tips for using, mounting and capturing incredible footage with our cameras.

Whether your passion is hiking, surfing, skiing or beyond, these real-world scenarios provide simple solutions for using mounts and accessories to capture it all.

Get inspired by the latest Photo and Video of the Day, and check out the amazing moments captured by HERO3 users worldwide.

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