HERO8 Black + Max Million Dollar Challenge is Here: Meet the 45 Creators

GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

Thousands of GoPro community members, users and HERO8 Black + MAX enthusiasts around the globe tuned in to the GoPro YouTube channel this morning to see if this was their lucky day. Did they earn their equal cut of $1 million and join the elite group of GoPro Award recipients included in the Million Dollar Challenge highlight video? One two-minute video would decide their fate.

At 6 a.m. PT, GoPro dropped its second annual Million Dollar Challenge video—a crowdsourced initiative to recognize and reward HERO8 Black and MAX users for capturing what GoPro refers to internally as “bangers”—videos filled with unique perspectives, spectacular adventures and captivating moments from around the world. These clips would fuel the most important GoPro highlight video of the year.

Traditionally, this product-focused video is produced by GoPro’s internal media team to ensure a continuous stream of jaw-dropping shots. But, for the second year in a row, GoPro put this trust in the hands of its community.

“The technology and ease-of-use of our HERO8 Black and MAX cameras makes it easy for everyday users to capture mind-blowing, professional quality footage of any activity,” said GoPro Founder and CEO Nick Woodman. “HERO8 Black and MAX capture cinematically stunning content straight out of the box in the hands of even a novice user, and the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge is our way of celebrating both the insane capabilities of our newest cameras along with our customers’ incredible creativity. Our world is such an awesome place filled with amazing people and you can see that clearly in this year’s GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video.”

Ultimately, 56 clips featuring 45 creators representing 17 countries were selected for the final video rewarding $22,222 each—an equal share of $1 million—for their submission. The full list of Award recipients is linked below, and it’s important to note, no one was given advance notice of their inclusion—each learned of their award by tuning in.

All in, creators from 104 countries submitted HERO8 Black and MAX content for consideration, culminating in 42,000 clips for the GoPro team to view (and trust us, we saw them all). The submissions nearly doubled from last year’s challenge, totaling more than 350 hours of video—some death-defying, some comical, some whimsical; yet all left the team in a mix of goosebumps, tears and unbreakable excitement.

Getting the Shot: HERO8 Black with Mitch Bergsma

Starting with the original HERO, Mitch Bergsma was an early adopter of GoPro and one of the most creative out there. To-date he’s posted more than 650 GoPro-related YouTube videos, and he’s become a staple in the GoPro Fam.

The following words are Mitch’s take on the new HERO8 Black and a few helpful tips and tricks on how to get the shot.

RAW Sunset Jumps (photo above)

HERO8 supports RAW in Burst Mode (and all photo modes for that matter) at up to 30 photos! I’m so happy about this—I used to avoid using Burst Mode because I wanted to be able to shoot in RAW for more heavy post-editing. It’s near impossible to capture an action photo in single photo mode, so RAW in Burst Mode is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Mode: Photo Burst Mode
Burst Rate: 30 /3s
Lens: Wide
Output: RAW

PRO TIP: I turned the new on-screen grid option on in the Preferences menu to to frame the shot handheld and know it was level without using a tripod.

TimeWarp 2.0 Auto by Sea

I was on a diving boat for a few days that was focused on cage diving with Great White sharks off the remote Guadalupe Island in the Pacific Ocean. The elements around the island created a constant, super cool cascade of clouds rolling over the top of the island, and I had been wanting to shoot a time lapse video of it the whole trip. I didn’t think it would work because the boat was not still enough for a time lapse video. But then I remembered that HERO8 has TimeWarp 2.0 with HyperSmooth stabilization! So I grabbed my Jaws Flex Clamp and clamped it on the boat’s railing. We were close to leaving and I was in a rush, so I thought it was the perfect time to test the Auto feature. It was so awesome to not have to worry about what speed I needed to set the TimeWarp to, especially since I was in a time crunch! The camera did the hard work for me, and the video looked amazing even though the boat was moving through rough waters.

Mode: TimeWarp 2.0
Speed: Auto
Resolution: 4K

TimeWarp 2.0 by Land

My wife Lori and I were exploring at a hotel, and I wanted to make a video of the walk to the pool to share our experience. I had HERO8 Black mounted to the GoPro Fusion Grip and decided to test out the TimeWarp 2.0 speed ramping feature. I tapped the on-screen button to toggle to capture in real time, and then pressed again to speed up. It’s so much fun to use and no editing needed. Plus, I was able to text the video clip to my family and friends right away by transferring to my phone with the GoPro app.

Mode: TimeWarp 2.0
Speed: Auto with real time speed ramping
Resolution: 4K

GoPro Burst Mode Set to 60 frames/10 sec

Burst Mode Set to 60 frames/10 sec

One of the features on HERO8 Black that I’m most stoked about is housed within Burst Mode. Now, you can set HERO8 to take 60 pictures in 10 seconds, so you never miss the action!

To get this shot, I used the GoPro Fusion Grip extended all the way and held the pole sideways so HERO8 was vertical for a few reasons: To get most of my body in the shot, to be able to see more of the water splashing and to see more around me.

Mode: Burst
Burst Rate: with a 60/10s,
Lens: Wide 

Palmy Night Lapse Video

The last, and possibly most favorite, thing I love about HERO8 is the introduction of Auto Night Lapse Video. This means HERO8 creates the night lapse video for you within the camera—no editing required … it’s crazy! Shooting a night lapse can be difficult. There are too many settings to deal with—ISO, long exposure, shutter speeds, etc.—with Auto Night Lapse Video, the GoPro does the work for you!

I mounted HERO8 to my GoPro Fusion Grip and used it as a tripod—I love that mount! Due to the long-exposure nature of taking a night lapse, you have to use a tripod to keep the GoPro completely still. If the camera moves at all, the video will look blurry. 

The best part about setting the interval and shutter to Auto is that I can get a video from dusk to dark without stopping the recording to change shutter speed or adjust settings as the sky gets darker. It’s all done for me!

PRO TIP: Tap into nearby lighting if it’s available. I chose these palms because they were lit up from a nearby baseball field that illuminated them in the video. I also tried to time the clouds being in the video to show movement across the sky and add another interesting element to the video. 

Mode: Night Lapse Video
Resolution: 4k
Lens: Wide
Interval: Auto
Shutter: Auto Shutter
ISO: 100 min, 800 max

GoPro: Best of 2019 – Year in Review

Just when we thought smooth couldn’t could get any smoother, 2019 came around. And along with it, came the HERO8 Black and MAX.

Celebrate with us as we look back on our best moments of 2019.

Shot 100% on GoPro

GoPro: Getting the Shot – B.C. Backcountry in 4K

Shred alongside the GoPro Snow Team and CMH Heli as they take us down the powdery slopes of British Columbia.

Featured GoPro Athletes

Special Thanks @Spencer Whiting

Shot 100% on GoPro

GoPro HERO8 Black – Mods

HERO8 Black builds upon the success of its predecessor and brings unparalleled performance to the HERO line. HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization delivers dramatically improved pitch-axis stabilization and now supports all frame rates and resolutions. Mind-melding TimeWarp 2.0 auto adjusts to your speed and can be slowed to real time with a tap. The revamped SuperPhoto feature delivers ghost-free HDR action photos, and all-new LiveBurst captures 1.5 seconds of 12MP (4K 4:3) footage before and after the shutter. And if you need to hear it to believe it, HERO8 Black’s new wind-optimized front-facing mic and high-fidelity audio improvements will certainly do the trick.

Plus, new digital lenses help to set up the shot like a pro every time with one of four options—ranging from GoPro’s patented SuperView to zero-distortion linear—and customizable capture presets provide quick access to settings for any activity. All of this is housed in a streamlined, frameless design with folding mounting fingers.

HERO8 Black can also be transformed into a vlogging or production powerhouse with GoPro’s new modular accessory ecosystem. The Mods enable on-demand expansion of HERO8 Black’s capabilities without sacrificing the signature compact, ruggedness of the HERO camera design.   

Media Mod: The $79.99 Media Mod delivers shotgun-mic directional audio performance and features two cold shoe mounts for additional accessories along with Type-C, HDMI and 3.5mm external mic adapter ports. 

Display Mod: The $79.99 Display Mod is a folding front- or rear-facing 1.90-inch display that attaches to the top of the Media Mod. It’s the perfect size for both framing up vlogging shots and folding down and out of the way when not in use.

Light Mod: Waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters), wearable and gear-mountable, the $49.99 Light Mod is the world’s most versatile light. The Light Mod is ready to brighten any scene, whether mounted to the Media Mod or attached to a GoPro mount, it’s rechargeable, and it comes complete with a diffuser to soften lighting when filming with HERO8 Black.

*Mods available in December

GoPro: Introducing HERO8 Black — Beyond Next Level

Meet HERO8 Black. The most versatile, unshakable HERO camera ever. Featuring built-in mounting, HyperSmooth 2.0 with Boost, an all-new mods accessory system and more—all in a camera that’s 14% lighter and tougher than ever.

Coming soon!

GoPro – 10.01.19

The Reviews Are In: Hero7 Black Perfect Travel Companion

Whether it’s TimeWarping through the tropics, HyperSmoothing through the Himalayas or SuperPhotoing a secluded campsite, HERO7 Black is being recognized as the best travel companion for all adventures.

Check out what these experienced travelers from around the world have to say about capturing immersive content with HERO7 Black.

Times Now chose GoPro HERO7 Limited Edition Dusk White as Holi Festival’s perfect companion, check out their POV video of the festival here

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GoPro: Kilian Jornet – Running Ridges

Come along and run some ridges with Kilian Jornet around the dramatic mountains of Åndalsnes, Norway.

Shot over the course of 24 hours, get a glimpse into the passion and mindset that sets Kilian calmly in tune with nature where others are not.

For more from Kilian, check out his page

Shot 100% on GoPro

GoPro Master the Modes: Night Lapse On HERO7 Black + Fusion


Capturing the night sky is no easy feat. There are ISO settings, shutter speeds and movement blurs to take into consideration. But when all three come together, the result is a color glimpse into space and moments often missed by the untrained eye, or lens.

With the launch of HERO7 Black, GoPro introduced an improved Night Photo Mode that unlocked higher ISO options and longer shutter speeds, making night photography a bit easier for GoPro users. And just last month, GoPro lit up the spherical world a first-ever public beta for Fusion with Firmware v2.0 that brought RAW photos to Night Lapse Mode at a 5 second interval.

To give a definitive guide to mastering these new modes, we tapped GoPro engineering tools specialist and night/time lapse photography guru Shreenivasan Manievannan. The following words and photos are by Shreenivasan.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9.46.30 AM.png

Night Photo Mode on HERO7 Black and Fusion is the strongest it’s ever been. Thanks to recent updates, my favorite mode now provides better image quality when capturing the change of light over a period and enables capturing a time lapse in day-to-night scenarios.

To break it down, on HERO7 Black, ISO settings can reach 1600 with RAW enable when using manual shutter speed, increasing light sensitivity. Whereas on Fusion, ISO settings can now be set to 800 with RAW enabled to get amazing details with the new Beta Firmware v2.0. Plus, Fusion Studio also has been updated to read edited RAW photos for easier stitching.

The Top Reasons to Use Night Lapse Photo Mode:

  • The GoPro stores every individual photo shot during the timeframe, enabling more creative editing in post processing.
  • You can capture long exposures up to 10s when using AUTO Shutter set to ISO range of 100 to 800.
  • Auto interval settings allow for smooth transitions of light in day-to-night time lapses, or vice versa.
  • The resulting set of photos provides the option to stack images in post to create the elusive “star trail” still image (pictured below).


RAW Night Lapse Photo shot with HERO7 Black set to auto interval, 30s shutter, ISO 1600, edited and stacked in post.



RAW Night Lapse Photo shot with Fusion at 1 minute interval, 30s shutter, ISO 800, eited and stacked in post.


For more click here

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