Oh 2018, what a year for the books! From sharing never-before-seen sights to accomplishing barely imaginable feats—whether they got to us by way of athletes, influencers, GoPro Award submissions or purely by chance—the caliber of GoPro-captured videos we’ve seen this year is the most inspiring, highest quality to-date.

We saw Fusion create a tiny planet phenomenon; we saw record breaking rope jumps and drifts; we saw dancing from bulding sides to city streets; and we soared from mountain tops, through stadiums and off more adrenlaine-pumping jumps than ever before.

But most importantly, 2018 will forever be remembered as the year shaky video died. HyperSmooth, you are the real MVP.

Sit back, relax and join us in watching the best videos of the year. We bet you can’t watch this epic compilation just once!