The Reviews Are In: Hero7 Black Perfect Travel Companion

Whether it’s TimeWarping through the tropics, HyperSmoothing through the Himalayas or SuperPhotoing a secluded campsite, HERO7 Black is being recognized as the best travel companion for all adventures.

Check out what these experienced travelers from around the world have to say about capturing immersive content with HERO7 Black.

Times Now chose GoPro HERO7 Limited Edition Dusk White as Holi Festival’s perfect companion, check out their POV video of the festival here

GoPro HERO7 Black locked in 5/5 stars for the new, built-in electronic stabilization feature: HyperSmooth in TechRadar’s review. Read the full article here.

Read the full article here to learn some more tips and tricks to take your content to the next level.

Inspiring individuals to try new things – Hackernoon Hi-5s GoPro for getting people out of their comfort zone. Read the full article here.

Off-road biking, deep-sea diving and a mix of other adventure sports are just a few activities First Post advises you to take your HERO7 to capture. Read the full article here.

After an adrenalin-fueled adventure in Queenstown, New Zealand, Nomadasaurus highly recommended the durable HERO7 Black. Read the full article here.

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