GSI Outdoors: Pinnacle Camper Cooking Set


2013 Gear Of The Year by 50 Campfires

If you are new to the camping world, learning to efficiently cook at a campsite can be tough. Having the right gear is key to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

The editors  at 50 Campfires have selected the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper as among one of the 5 pieces of gear that make meals at your campsite a breeze.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper
Even when car camping we’re always looking to save space in our camping totes. The Pinnacle Camper is your answer for a compact cooking set that has everything you need. The Pinnacle Camper is designed for 4 people. Everything is nested together and fits in the 3 liter pot. It also comes with a 2 liter pot, 9″ frying pan, 4 insulated mugs, 4 bowls, 4 plates and an interchangeable pot gripper. The best part is it all fits into a carrying case that doubles as a sink for dishes! Yes, we’re excited about a sink. It’s a solid cooking set and takes up minimal space.

MSRP: $129.95

It makes a great gift. We all know that: the family that camps together… loves coordinated and nesting cookware…. and stays together.

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