– Yakima Carries More Than Just MTB w/ New HangTight and GateKeeper

From by Zach Overholt

Yakima HangTight

Want to carry more bikes and more types of bikes than the current HangOver? Then you might want to check out the new HangTight. Like the HangOver, the HangTight supports each bike vertically which allows up to 6 bikes to be carried on the back of your vehicle with a 2″ hitch.

However, where the HangOver supported only suspension forks on the fork crown, the HangTight attaches to the bars on either side of the stem. That allows for the rack to work with many more bikes with rigid or suspension forks. Obviously, there will be some bikes that won’t work with this arrangement (tri bikes?), but it should work with more bikes than the HangOver.

It will also work with more vehicles than the HangOver thanks to the flat profile of the bike arrangement. That means for flat back vehicles like Sprinter vans, it will work better, and still offer tilt-down access.

Yakima says that the HangTight will not replace the HangOver, but will be offered alongside for $799 for the 4 bike or $999 for the 6 bike version. Expect these to be available before the end of the year.

Updated GateKeeper Preview

In the back of their booth, Yakima was also giving a sneak peek at the updated GateKeeper truck tailgate pad.

It will still hold up to five bikes, but one of the biggest updates is the move from velcro straps to buckles for the frame holds.

The shape has also been updated, specifically to fit the new Jeep Gladiator pickups, and a lock loop has been added for additional security.

2021 Outside Summer Buyer’s Guide Featuring CamelBak

40-plus Reviewers. 340 Products. Months of testing on rivers, trails, summits, and patios.

From Outside Online By Kaelyn Lynch

At Outside, we take a lot of things seriously, including adventure storytelling, our dogs, perfecting the campground margarita, and reviewing gear. Gear, in particular, sits high on that list. The right running shoes, skis, backpack, or camp stove can be the difference between enjoying your time outside and merely enduring it. We consider gear so important that we publish two standalone magazines every year dedicated to it. We’ve been running our Summer Buyer’s Guide since 1996 and our Winter Buyer’s Guide since 2007. Each issue is about the newest, techiest, all-around best outdoor clothing and equipment on the market for the upcoming season…

As Buyer’s Guide editor, my job is to work with our team of editors, fact-checkers, designers, photographers, and writers to put the whole thing together. So, I thought I’d give you a peek behind the scenes. Our testing process starts six to eight months before each print Buyer’s Guide reaches your hands. We rely on a roster of 40 category directors, many of whom work with their own network of testers to gather feedback from the widest possible range of users…

Each year, I come away newly shocked by the lengths to which our reviewers go to figure out which pieces rise above the rest. In 2020, Amy Juries tested bikepacking gear over the course of several trips that took her 2,000 miles through eight countries. Impressively, everything except her bike survived getting run over by a truck in Jordan in the process. Jen Ripple took advantage of a 2,612-mile, 14-day fishing road trip to test gear for the women’s fly-fishing page. Scott Yorko put men’s travel gear through the wringer during a stint of globe-trotting that lasted 52 days and involved 19,824 miles of flying. Berne Broudy hiked 300 miles in 11 states and spent a month’s worth of nights under the stars to figure out which hiking boots were the best… 

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The Best Women’s Travel Gear of 2021 – CamelBak Tritan Renew Eddy+ Water Bottle ($15)

Make your next trip more comfortable than the last

By Alex Temblador

Two products in one, the MultiBev combines a 22-ounce stainless-steel water bottle with a 16-ounce coffee cup (silicone lid included) that twists off the bottom.

The Best Men’s Cycling Gear of 2021 – CamelBak M.U.L.E. Pro 14 Pack ($150)

Carefree pedaling starts with a great kit

By Josh Patterson

The M.U.L.E. carries its share for big adventures. The 14-liter pack features an included tool roll, a dedicated slot to carry an e-bike battery, and a new ventilated back panel.

The Best Men’s Workout Gear of 2021 – CamelBak Tritan Renew Eddy+ Water Bottle ($15)

What you need for pushing hard and feeling good afterward

By Jeremy Rellosa

In a world dominated by stainless-steel vessels, the Tritan Renew line is refreshingly simple. It’s lightweight, made from 50 percent recycled plastic, and has a flip-up straw for easy sipping between sets.

Bridgedale – Ski Easy On

One of Bridgedale’s bestselling special boot fit sock.

Lightweight sock with friction-free slide zones for easy boot entry

Boot fitters dream and skiers delight

Lightweight ski sock with friction-free slide zones for easy boot entry. Provides a close supportive fit from foot to calf. Friction free slide zones on the heel and the top of the ankle to make it easier to slide into your boots. Knit with MERINO WOOL for superb softness next to skin while providing excellent thermal and moisture control properties. Made with ENDUROFIL, that is combined with Enduro-Wool and Merino Wool for superb wicking and durability. ENDUROFIL is a polypropylene fiber, which also offers high abrasion and wash resistance.

Specifically designed for the needs of a ski and snowboard boot.

Fusion Technology provides balanced insulation and moisture management, giving you the best fitting, most comfortable and durable ski socks, allowing you to enjoy your winter sports whatever the weather.

About Bridgedale:

We don’t just design Bridgedales… we make them. Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd is located at the tip of the Strangford Lough, Newtownards, near Belfast in Northern Ireland under the shadow of the Scrabo Tower which was built as a monument to Lord Londonderry.

The factory here has been knitting socks in Newtownards since WW1, when the first army socks were made. The strong heritage in hosiery is a feature of the Bridgedale brand and several of our team have been working in the factory for over 40 years, so you could say we know our socks!

When the first Bridgedales were launched in the early 1980’s there were 3 colours, 2 sizes and 2 lengths, just 12 products, now we have over 500 products in the range and we have factories not only in Northern Ireland but South Africa too.

GoPro: Freestyle Soccer with Indi Cowie

Indi Cowie is a professional soccer freestyler and 3x Guinness world record holder, but that wasn’t always the case. In her own words Indi describes what it took to persevere through injury and ultimately choose between two paths. Through athleticism and creativity, Indi has been able to follow her dreams, while continually challenging the limits of freestyle soccer.

See more of Indi here

Shot on GoPro

Andy Best – Dometic CFX-40

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 8.25.45 AM.png

For most people, the idea of bringing your seven-month-old daughter on a three-day overlanding trip through the remote Utah desert would be unthinkable. For photographer Andy Best, it’s just another Friday.

“Our daughter is amazing,” says Andy. “We’re lucky. We’ve been able to travel since she was three days old. It’s amazing for me to be able to take our daughter to these places and really see them through her eyes.”

After seven years working in commercial filmmaking, Andy decided he and his wife would sell everything and live full time on the road. During that time, he learned about what gear was essential to live mobile; what consistently worked, and what didn’t. But over all that time, going through all that gear, Andy never got around to installing what he now considers an essential part of his rig: a Dometic CFX 40.


“On the road, I have to be efficient to function,” says Andy. “When I lived out of an ice cooler, I’d always lose food because the ice would melt. I can’t tell you the amount of food I’ve ruined in coolers – from running out of ice or getting things soggy and wet. It’s crazy.” The Dometic CFX has helped Andy do more than he ever imagined.

“As an outdoor filmmaker and photographer, I really need to stay out for long periods of time, to study, look at angles, look at the sun, or see when the moon is rising. If I don’t have the right gear I can’t stay out and get the work done. The Dometic CFX has been a huge game-changer for me.”


Staying out longer helps Andy professionally – but most importantly, it helps his family stay together while he’s working. “When you’re living out of an ice cooler in the desert, it really limits the food you can bring,” says Andy. “One of our favorite things now is to make a big meal and save the leftovers. Then we can move fast, get lost and work for a few days, and have the leftovers whenever we want. That feels like cheating, it’s so easy.”

“With the right gear, you can be out a long time, even with a young child,” says Andy. “I’m hoping that these trips build a foundation where she wants to come out and enjoy these places and maybe someday, pass that forward to her own family… Someday. Not soon.”


If you want to keep following Andy and his family, check out and

Find out more about: Dometic Mobile Coolers and the CFX-40W

Latest Outdoors Seating Trend? Meet ‘Inflatable Hammock’ – WindPouch

The following is by: Stephen Regenold from

A take-anywhere cushion of air? Introducing the latest supine trend in the outdoors, the ‘inflatable hammock.’


Leave your webbing straps at home. This summer’s hottest trenc so-called “inflatable hammocks,” which offer ad hoc seating anyplace in the outdoors.

You swipe the bag-like seat through the air. Once both sides are filled, close and roll the end tight. Snap a buckle and sit down. Sink in, and enjoy.

Review: WindPouch Inflatable Hammock

I tested the couch-like WindPouch product this month while camping as well as around town. It’s comfortable to sit on and easy to inflate.

Get ready for some weird looks, however, and brace for some commentary on what appear to be a set of oversize lips ready to suck you into a fold.


WindPouch Inflatable Hammocks cost $79.95. They are made of a polyurethane-coated nylon and rated to hold about 550 pounds before they burst.

WindPouch Campsite Test

WindPouch touts its product as superior to the competition because of a “military-grade diamond lattice rip-stop nylon” that has a polyurethane coating for water, dirt and UV resistance. It comes with an anodized aluminum carabiner and a tent peg to stake it down.

To test it out, I set some kids loose to roll, jump, and bounce (lightly) on the WindPouch. It held up to a weekend of abuse, serving as a great camp chair as long as you avoid bonfire sparks.

Instructional videos on the WindPouch page show a man “swiping” air from a standing position to fill it up. In my review, we were forced to run back and forth, scooping at air in an effort to inflate the 7-foot-long seat (see image below).

The trick is to hold one side open, run a bit, then turn back with the opposite side agape. It’s a maneuver that conjured big laughs at the campsite.

‘Inflating’ The Beast

But the giggling dissolved to envy after I sat down. The plush seat lets you lie out across its expanse in “hammock mode” or sit facing forward.

It’s comfy either way, and with some practice two or three adults can get cozy on the cushion of air.


The WindPouch works at the beach or at an outdoors concert. It gives a seat that’s far superior to the common towel unrolled on the ground.

Unlike a folding chair, this inflatable option packs to about the size of a big loaf of bread. It weighs a couple pounds.


Give the WindPouch a sit this summer. I was impressed with the design and happy to discover a new way to take a load off in the outdoors.

–More info at the WindPouch page.


If you are interested in carrying WindPouch in your store drop us a line.

Yakima SkyRise Roof Top Tent

From by Aaron Chamberlain

yakima SkyRise

File this one under “Aaron’s Christmas Wishlist.”

The SkyRise is Yakima’s first entry into the tent market, but seeing as how it mounts to your roof rack, it makes sense. Instead of searching for the perfect spot free of roots and rocks to make camp, you just put your vehicle in park and pop up the tent. For those who like to car camp (like me), it looks like the SkyRise will make getting into the woods quicker and easier.

Yakima SkyRise

The tent itself is constructed from 210D ripstop nylon, with a waterproof polyurethane coating. For star-gazing, the SkyRise has a mesh roof. Should the weather turn on you, there is a rainfly included as well. Two sizes of the SkyRise will be offered. The small will fit two adults, while the medium will sleep up to three. Full specs from Yakima are below.

Shared features:

  • Rugged 210D nylon tent body is certified fire-resistant, breathable and exceptionally lightweight
  • Mesh panel improves ventilation, allows view of starry skies
  • 210D nylon rainfly with PU coating is waterproof and durable
  • Spring steel rainfly poles are light and strong
  • 2.5-inch high-density foam mattress with waterproof bottom
  • Fast and simple vehicle attachment – no tools required
  • Universal crossbar compatibility
  • Locks to base rack with SKS (Same Key System) Lock Cores for added security

The SkyRise with rainfly deployed
The SkyRise with rainfly deployed

SkyRise Medium

  • Dimensions: 56” x 96” x 48” H (expanded); 56” x 48” x 12” (folded)
  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Sleeps 3 adults
  • MSRP: $1,349
  • Available: Spring 2017

SkyRise Small

  • Dimensions: 48” x 84” x 42” H (expanded); 48” x 42” x 12” (folded)
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • MSRP: $999
  • Available: Spring 2017

UKPro Video of the Week – Low Pass on a Glider


UKPro’s Video of the Week comes from Erik Feder, who took a ASK-21 glider out for a spin with his buddy Alberto Ruiz. The footage is from Altagracia de Orituco in Venezuela.

Shot with GoPro and the UKPro Pole54HD pole.



Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 6_40_34 PM


For a truly exceptional range, go with the 54HD. It extends from 22.5” to a massive 54”, making it the longest retractable GoPro Pole on the market. Use it in climbing to get a wide angle shot from the top, while hiking to capture the true beauty around you, or in any sport activity to really get above the action.


  • Standard attachment point for GoPro® camera
  • Retracts To 22.5″ For Easy Travel
  • Light Weight Anodized Aluminum
  • High Visibility Grip Colors (Easy to find even in the snow!)
  • All Sports Capable : skate/snow/bike/team sports/water sports
  • Ok for use in fresh or salt water (please follow care instructions)
  • Size: Retracted: 22.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ / Extended: 54″ x 2.5 x 2.5″
  • Lanyard & UKPro Knob Included

Whispbar Roof Rack Review

The Following is a review written by Eric Champlin From

The Whispbar rack system from Yakima: beautiful, sophisticated styling that stays nearly silent on the road. Our Whispbar roof rack review.

In addition to hiking and running, I also love cycling and kayaking: there’s just something incredibly refreshing about Georgia’s beautiful outdoors. And to transport my cycling and paddling gear, I’ve tried a number of roof rack systems for my vehicles over the years. The racks I’ve tried in the past, regardless of price, were similar: they were loud, boxy, clunky, and looked more like an appendage than an accessory on the roof of my vehicle.

I recently purchased an Audi Q5, and while I needed to transport my bikes and kayaks, I faced a dilemma. With typical aftermarket car racks, my Q5’s clean, understated style and quiet ride would be obliterated by an unsightly, loud roof rack. And while my Audi Q5 was delivered with factory crossbars, they shared the loud humming, whistling and clunky styling of the aftermarket racks I’d used in the past.


And then I found Whispbar: an aerodynamic, beautifully styled rack system from Yakima that’s not only nearly silent, it actually adds to the clean, understated beauty of my Q5. And compared to my Q5’s factory bars, the Whispbar profile is much more streamlined, stylish and considerably quieter on the road.


Whispbar is a roof rack system that looks like it’s designed specifically for high-end vehicles; one that, through beautiful, clean lines and curved, matte aluminum, looks like an accent to my car, not an afterthought.

Our Whisbar Through Bar & Fork Bike Mount Review

I’ve been testing the Whispbar car rack system on my Audi Q5, and after several thousand miles on the road, I love this rack. I love Whispbar’s easy installation, rapid-swap accessory racks and beautiful design aesthetic. And, Whispbar preserves the quiet ride of my Audi: the roof rack is nearly silent, even in cross breezes and at highway speeds.

The perfect car roof rack? Based on my experience, I think so.


On road, the Whispbar rack is nearly silent, and from what I’ve observed, causes negligible loss of fuel efficiency, unlike other car racks I’ve tested. How does Whispbar accomplish such silent performance? The Whispbar carrying bars, unlike the noisy square / oval / cylindrical variety, are shaped like an aerofoil (think: aircraft wing), resulting in less wind drag, less noise, and better fuel efficiency.


My Whispbar system is comprised of a vehicle-specific fitting kit (the K666W for my Audi Q5’s year and trim), the Whispbar Through Bar crossbars and the WB200 Rooftop Fork Bike Mount.

Whispbar Through Bars & Fitting Kit

The options in the Whispbar mounting system are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles – and the K666W mounting kit mounted easily to my Audi Q5’s rail bars. (Visit the fitting guide at or for specific vehicle fitments). Installation on my Q5 was fast, once I acclimated myself to the all-illustration installation guide (think: scandinavian furniture assembly manual). From unboxing to fully installed, I had the Whispbar Through Bars securely mounted on my Q5 in under 10 minutes.


The Whispbar Through Bar and fork-mount WB200 bike rack are designed for fast, easy mounting and unmounting, though I almost always leave them mounted on my vehicle. They’re almost entirely silent – so much so, I often forget they’re there. And looks-wise, even when my bike isn’t mounted, the Whispbar rack system adds a sporty, streamlined style to my Q5. I’ve actually come to prefer them on.


The extended width of the Whispbar Through Bar, compared to the also-available Whispbar Flush Bar, adds extra carrying capacity to the car rack system. This extra width allows me to carry both my road bike and kayak using the WB400 J-Cradle Kayak Carrier (review coming soon). I can also easily mount two road bikes on the Through Bar, with extra width for easy bike mounting and unmounting.

Whispbar Quickdock

The entire width of Whispbar’s carrying bars features a channel filled with a noise-minimizing rubber strip. Installing accessories, like the WB200 fork-mount bike carrier, is a breeze with the Quickdock system; two levers on the accessory’s footing lock it into the channel using t-shaped feet, and close to securely mount the accessory to the carrying bar.

Whispbar WB200 Rooftop Fork Mount Bike Carrier

The WB200 is the fork-mount bike rack in the Whispbar system. Like the Whispbar Through Bars, the WB200 is designed with a sleek, streamlined, matte-finish aluminum styling that beautifully accents my Audi.


In front, the fork-mount system accommodates both 9mm and 15mm forks, unlocking with a key to mount my Cannondale CAAD9 fork to a spindle on the WB200. In the rear, a ratcheting strap securely holds my bike’s rear wheel in a cradle. The system is easy to use: after a few initial tries, I can easily mount and unmount my bike in less than a minute.

Without my road bike loaded, the WB200 remains nearly silent, even at highway speeds. With my Cannondale mounted to the rack, some light crosswind noise is audible inside my Audi – but nothing that my sound system at low volume doesn’t cover. Even with my bike mounted, the Whispbar system is considerably quieter than other racks I’ve used.


I’m also extremely impressed so far with the WB200’s stability and security. I’ve carried my Cannondale CAAD9 on 3+ hour trips, and haven’t experienced any shifting, stability issues or loss of tension with the rack.

Whispbar Security

The Whispbar system is secure, as well: the Through Bar carrying bars are keyed to lock to my Q5. And likewise, the fork-mount WB200 is keyed to lock my bike securely to the carrying accessory, and the WB200 to the Through Bar. When my road bike is mounted to the Whispbar system, it’s securely locked in place – and likewise, I don’t have to worry about my my rack system wandering away, either.


Whispbar Car Rack Review: Our Conclusion

The Whispbar clean, sophisticated design aesthetic adds an accent to the lines and style of my Audi Q5. It’s a great accessory to my outdoor lifestyle, and it’s beautiful, streamlined, functional, and easy to operate. It’s the vehicle car rack I’ve always wanted.