– Yakima Carries More Than Just MTB w/ New HangTight and GateKeeper

From by Zach Overholt

Yakima HangTight

Want to carry more bikes and more types of bikes than the current HangOver? Then you might want to check out the new HangTight. Like the HangOver, the HangTight supports each bike vertically which allows up to 6 bikes to be carried on the back of your vehicle with a 2″ hitch.

However, where the HangOver supported only suspension forks on the fork crown, the HangTight attaches to the bars on either side of the stem. That allows for the rack to work with many more bikes with rigid or suspension forks. Obviously, there will be some bikes that won’t work with this arrangement (tri bikes?), but it should work with more bikes than the HangOver.

It will also work with more vehicles than the HangOver thanks to the flat profile of the bike arrangement. That means for flat back vehicles like Sprinter vans, it will work better, and still offer tilt-down access.

Yakima says that the HangTight will not replace the HangOver, but will be offered alongside for $799 for the 4 bike or $999 for the 6 bike version. Expect these to be available before the end of the year.

Updated GateKeeper Preview

In the back of their booth, Yakima was also giving a sneak peek at the updated GateKeeper truck tailgate pad.

It will still hold up to five bikes, but one of the biggest updates is the move from velcro straps to buckles for the frame holds.

The shape has also been updated, specifically to fit the new Jeep Gladiator pickups, and a lock loop has been added for additional security.

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