Yakima’s New HoldUp- Bicycling Magazine

HoldUp on car

Yakima made a number of improvements to its HoldUp hitch-mount racks for 2013. The rack securely holds your bikes—with the wheels in place—and uses a ratcheting bar that closes over the front wheel and a rear wheel strap to keep them upright. It’s easy to assemble and folds up and out of the way better than other models when it’s not in use. The ratcheting bar that holds the front wheel is now a bit longer to better accommodate 29er wheels, and the pivot that folds the rack up is stronger to support heavier bikes—or cyclists looking for a post-ride perch. Both bike trays are longer to accommodate downhill bikes and beach cruisers, and are also adjustable from side-to-side by about 5mm, to help you prevent contact between bikes. The rack accommodates two bikes, and both can be locked securely to your car with the integrated cable lock. The price did go up $20 compared to the last iteration, but the many improvements mean that investment is well worth it. If the bike-carrying features still leave you wanting, the integrated bottle opener has also been improved.

Bicycling Magazine March 2013

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