UK Pro Pole!

Get above the Action

UK Pro standout POV camera Poles are designed for the best wide angle filming. If you strive to have the best angle of all your sports and activities from mundane to extreme add a UK Pro Pole to your mounting arsenal. Designed for all sports from surf, skate, snow, wake or team sports or anything in-between. The grip is available in either the Electric Blue or Agent Orange to match your favorite gnar shredding, wave riding or cliff diving outfit. The included lanyard keeps the pole and your camera attached to you if you take an unplanned or planned spill. The 22in length of the Pole 22 gives you a bit more distance to see your sweet tail grab, rodeo flip or the entire team on the field. The Pole 8’s compact 8in length makes for optimum length for backpack stowing.

  • Standard attachment point for your GoPro
  • Light weight, high-strength anodized aluminum
  • High-visibility grip colors (Electric blue or Agent Orange)
  • Tacky rubber grip for solid tactile hold
  • Lanyard included to make sure if you take a spill your pole and camera stay with you
Pole 22: $29.99      Pole 8: $24.99

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