Yakima Is Taking Camping to New Heights With the SkyRise

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yakima-skyrise-feature-1200x450-cEvery outdoor junkie wants a camper van — we get it. They’re the epitome of portability and convenience, even if they’re not quite as capable or luxurious as a dedicated RV. Nonetheless, they rarely come cheap. Perhaps that’s why rooftop tents — you know, the pop-up tents you strap to the top of your Jeep Cherokee before hitting the road  — are becoming more popular among outdoor enthusiasts with each passing year. Expedience, it seems, is always in demand.

Yakima, a renowned rack-manufacturing stalwart, is just the latest company looking to elevate your sleeping quarters. The forthcoming SkyRise Rooftop Tent ($1,000+) comes in two sizes — one that accommodates three adults and one designed to comfortably sleep two — and requires no tools to install. The modern, lightweight tents utilize 210D ripstop nylon and are made to resist all types of weather thanks to their rugged DRW coating, ensuring you’ll stay dry regardless of where you wander. The medium and small models also weigh 120 and 95 pounds, respectively, meaning they’re up to 40 pounds lighter than the competition.

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Inside, you’ll find a built-in, 2.5-inch foam mattress and overhead ventilation panels that help with airflow and provide elevated views of the surrounding region. It doesn’t take much to enjoy said views either, given the SkyRise’s entire setup process takes about a minute. Simply remove the weather-resistant cover, unfold the tent, and drop the affixed aluminum ladder. When in transit, the unit folds into itself, allowing for a low-profile when on the road. Just don’t forget to fill the tank.

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Yakima SkyRise


Yakima SkyRise

The first rooftop tent from Yakima

Lightweight, easy to install, and mega-comfortable in all types of weather, the Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent is on its way. Coming in two sizes for an ideal fit on small or larger vehicles, the SkyRise features a big skylight for clear night star viewing, and a DWR coated rainfly for less ideal conditions.




With universal mounting hardware and a super-comfy foam pad, the SkyRise is ready to roll to any roadtrip destination. And because it’s from Yakima, you will know your fit is secure, even on small vehicles.




Don’t waste your vacation time setting up camp – pitch your tent in seconds and get back to the fun part. We bet you’ve never broken camp this fast before.


GSI Outdoors: Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset Review

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GSI Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset | Ultralight 2-person Cookset

THE BOTTOM LINE – The majority of backpackers out there pay more attention to the gear that we sleep on and under, than to the gadgets we cook with. But with the availability of some truly lightweight and functional kitchen systems, it can also be easy to become somewhat of a wilderness foodie. After all, if you don’t have to worry about minimizing the pots and pans in your pack to save weight, cooking a tasty and energizing backcountry meal because a breeze that you look forward to every time. Enter GSI’s Pinnacle Dualist Ultralight Cookset.

With a 1.8 liter pot, a strainer lid, 2 bowls, 2 mugs with sip-it lids, 2 tele-foons and a storage sack that doubles as a sink, the Pinnacle Dualist can easily be all the kitchen you need (minus a stove and fuel) to stay full and happy on everything from short overnights to extended month-long adventures. The teflon-coated aluminum pot is high quality, though will likely collect a series of small dents over time – unless you treat it delicately 100% of the time. You and your hiking partner will each have your own bowl, mug for tea & coffee and spork-like utensil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is even color-coded, so Steve has no excuses when he keeps reaching for your blue bowl.

RECOMMENDED FOR anyone who wants a simple, stacking and easy-to-use cookset capable of boiling enough water for 2 freeze-dried dinners at once, cooking fresh pasta and veggies over the flame, or just reheating your homemade veggie chili in a flash. The price doesn’t sting too bad either.

GSI Outdoors: Holiday Gift Guide

GSI Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for that special outdoor person?
GSI Outdoors has many popular stocking stuffers to consider…

#1 GSI Outdoors Red Enamelware
Blends old-fashioned charm & functionality, classic speckled enamel finish. Beyond Plates, Cups & Bowls… tea kettles, percolators & water pitchers-


#2 Cathole Trowel
A serrated, sure-grip sanitation shovel made from repurposed GSI Outdoors Lexan products. Serrated edges make for easy digging, even in the most stubborn soil. Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Usage Guidelines molded into back of trowel-


#3 Glacier Stainless Ketalist
Compact, kettle-centric, Classic, low-profile design provides the capacity of a 1 liter ultralight boiler in the easy-to-pour profile of a tea kettle. Unique bowl + mug solution with low center of gravity & Sip-It lid-

#4 Wine Glass Gift Sets
These clever, insulated wine totes make it easy to carry your favorite Cab or sneak away with a spicy Shiraz. Stowable, secondary zippered pocket holds two, included GSI Outdoors Nesting Wine Glasses-


#5 Java Presses
Portable, Enjoy French Press coffee anywhere in 20, 30 & 50 ounce sizes- 

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.00.30 AM

#6 Mini Expresso Makers
Exquisite espresso for your expedition. Exceptionally easy to use, brews up a shot in 90 seconds.
Ultra-rugged, construction for years of reliable stove top brewing-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.00.50 AM

#7 Lexan Gear Boxes
Watertight, crushproof utility box. Made of virtually-unbreakable, food grade Lexan® resin.
Clear & Colors, five sizes with dual lash points to secure-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.01.18 AM

#8 Flasks Glacier Stainless, Leather Wrapped & BPA-Free lightweights
7 models, elegantly rugged, classic hip flasks, Lightweight, low-profile easy to stash-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 10.57.51 AM

#9 Halulite 3 piece Ring Cutlery
The ultimate lightweight, nesting ring cutlery set. Proprietary, hardened, ultralight alloy-


#10 FairShare & Collapsible FairShare Mugs

Eat, drink, measure and store. Secure, screw-on lid insulates and prevents spills-

Collapsible Mug

#11 Infinity Tableware
Multicolor, Rugged Ultra-compact nesting tableware systems. Bowls, Mugs & Plates. Jewel-like, color-coded items provide personalized tableware settings. Clean and green construction is non-leaching & 100% recyclable-
Infinity Tableware

#12 Pivot Tools
Backcountry utensils take a turn for the best. Handles pivot from stored to working position-

Pivot Tools