GSI Outdoors: Holiday Gift Guide

GSI Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas for that special outdoor person?
GSI Outdoors has many popular stocking stuffers to consider…

#1 GSI Outdoors Red Enamelware
Blends old-fashioned charm & functionality, classic speckled enamel finish. Beyond Plates, Cups & Bowls… tea kettles, percolators & water pitchers-


#2 Cathole Trowel
A serrated, sure-grip sanitation shovel made from repurposed GSI Outdoors Lexan products. Serrated edges make for easy digging, even in the most stubborn soil. Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Usage Guidelines molded into back of trowel-


#3 Glacier Stainless Ketalist
Compact, kettle-centric, Classic, low-profile design provides the capacity of a 1 liter ultralight boiler in the easy-to-pour profile of a tea kettle. Unique bowl + mug solution with low center of gravity & Sip-It lid-

#4 Wine Glass Gift Sets
These clever, insulated wine totes make it easy to carry your favorite Cab or sneak away with a spicy Shiraz. Stowable, secondary zippered pocket holds two, included GSI Outdoors Nesting Wine Glasses-


#5 Java Presses
Portable, Enjoy French Press coffee anywhere in 20, 30 & 50 ounce sizes- 

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.00.30 AM

#6 Mini Expresso Makers
Exquisite espresso for your expedition. Exceptionally easy to use, brews up a shot in 90 seconds.
Ultra-rugged, construction for years of reliable stove top brewing-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.00.50 AM

#7 Lexan Gear Boxes
Watertight, crushproof utility box. Made of virtually-unbreakable, food grade Lexan® resin.
Clear & Colors, five sizes with dual lash points to secure-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.01.18 AM

#8 Flasks Glacier Stainless, Leather Wrapped & BPA-Free lightweights
7 models, elegantly rugged, classic hip flasks, Lightweight, low-profile easy to stash-
Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 10.57.51 AM

#9 Halulite 3 piece Ring Cutlery
The ultimate lightweight, nesting ring cutlery set. Proprietary, hardened, ultralight alloy-


#10 FairShare & Collapsible FairShare Mugs

Eat, drink, measure and store. Secure, screw-on lid insulates and prevents spills-

Collapsible Mug

#11 Infinity Tableware
Multicolor, Rugged Ultra-compact nesting tableware systems. Bowls, Mugs & Plates. Jewel-like, color-coded items provide personalized tableware settings. Clean and green construction is non-leaching & 100% recyclable-
Infinity Tableware

#12 Pivot Tools
Backcountry utensils take a turn for the best. Handles pivot from stored to working position-

Pivot Tools

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