NYMag – The Strategist Haul – What the Editors Bought in March = CamelBak Eddy+

By Jordan Bowman | From NYMag The Strategist

CamelBak Eddy+ BPA Free Water Bottle – $15

I’m a big consumer of water. Keep that Diet Coke, no-sugar nonsense away from me, please. And I’ve been on the search for the perfect bottle for years. Last month, I spoke to Hanif Abdurraqib about how much water we can drink when we have a straw, and I was considering picking up a traditional tumbler, but I settled on the CamelBak Eddy+ because of the spill-proof function. You have to kind of bite on the valve to get the water out, but it’s great for hikes or if you’re like me and carry you water everywhere and don’t want to think about spilling anything. I’ve tried so many water bottles, but I’ve officially turned into a CamelBak believer. You won’t see me using anything else anytime soon.

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2-for-1 Mug: CamelBak MultiBev Serves Up Hydration and Caffeination in Clever Design

From GearJunkie

Gearheads like designs that offer multiple useful functions. The CamelBak MultiBev brings this ethos to drinkware with a sustainable vessel that cuts the clutter and offers multiple beverage options for life in the fast lane.

The MultiBev is an everyday water bottle that incorporates a travel cup for a second drink on the go. It has great potential for day hikes and camping, too.

Stainless steel bottles are a more environmentally conscious choice than single-use plastics. The addition of the companion travel cup eliminates another wasteful cup from the local café, and it fits back under the water bottle to save space when not in use.

If you carry water while running errands or commuting, yet often stop at a café for coffee or tea in a disposable cup, this is worth a look.

At its core, the CamelBak MultiBev is a convenient way to bring an accessory cup along with your usual water bottle. How it’s put to use really depends on you.

On hiking days, you can use the travel cup on the way to the trailhead and then leave it in the car. That streamlines the bottle for an easier fit in a backpack pocket. It also frees up a little room under the cap for stashing a snack.

On hot summer expeditions, the travel cup can be used for an electrolyte refuel during a break. Then, you can return it to the main bottle when you’re done.

Around the campsite, the second cup works for coffee in the morning and suds in the evening. When not in use, stash it back with the water bottle so there’s one less thing clanking around the site.

Really, though, the MultiBev has everyday functionality in mind, especially for the work commute.

A Part of Your Routine

Here’s a hypothetical day in the life to see how a MultiBev could fit into your hydration routine.

We suggest that you wake up and hydrate with a glass of water. We’ve heard that’s really good for you.

While you wait for your coffee or tea to be ready, unscrew the travel cup from the bottom.

Next, fill the main chamber of the bottle with water and secure with the leakproof Pak Cap. Go ahead and stash that in your bag or purse.

Once your caffeine fix is ready, pour that in the travel cup, unroll the silicone lid, and you’re off.

At your workplace, you can rinse out the travel cup and reunite it with the regular water bottle. The silicone lid rolls up to fit inside the Pak Cap.

Design Highlights

  • Double-wall vacuum, stainless steel construction to maintain temperature for hours
  • Stainless steel interior and powder coat finish are dishwasher safe
  • Silicon base adds grip, especially on wet surfaces
  • Leakproof Pak Cap
  • BPA, BPS, and BPF free.


Carrying your own water is a way to ensure that you drink enough daily, which prevents the out-of-sight, out-of-mind trap.

The MultiBev isn’t about drinking water from your own cup, although that’s certainly an option. It’s a solution for people who often carry water bottles but still use other single-use cups.

By combining the cup as part of the body of the bottle, the companion travel cup is around if you need it and doesn’t take up room when you don’t.

What’s more, the bottle and cup are dishwasher safe, which goes a long way in preventing them from getting gunked up. And the silicone base should keep it from sliding on surfaces and potentially save it from some dings out in the wild.

CamelBak Horizon Collection

From A Quick Brown Fox by Ayesha McGowen

This post is sponsored by CamelBak, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I spend a lot of time celebrating going hard. I work hard, I train hard, I play hard. I noticed that I don’t take nearly enough time to stop and take in the views, sit in the breeze, have simple conversations with my riding buddies, and fully be present in the space I’m occupying. The thing is, I don’t necessarily have to choose. I can go hard on the bike and have the absolute time of my life. I can visit my favorite trails, or secret beach, or revisit a tried and true road loop. I can practice climbing, descending, and cornering, making sure to sharpen my technical skills for the day racing feels safe again. It’s fun to go hard, to push myself and see what my body can do. It’s also nice to take a break. The mid ride break can be just the ticket to make you feel ready to get myself to the endpoint. Stop for a bit, look around and think about all the journeys that crossed this path before me. Let my mind wander while I rest my muscles. The CamelBak Horizon Drinkware Collection has been a lovely supplement to taking full advantage of these peaceful moments. We push the pace to get to beautiful places, and when we get there, we can find a good spot and take in our surroundings. The collection includes various options that you can pick and choose from to suit your needs. I went with the 30oz tumbler, the Rocks Tumbler, and the Camp Mug. That way I can make enough of my favorite beverage in the 30oz tumbler, but Will and I have our own cups to drink from. We’re all set for hot coffee, a cold cocktail, and everything in between. A solid choice to help us take those chill moments extra slow and really enjoy them.”

Photos and words by Ayesha McGowen @ A Quick Brown Fox

GearJunkie: Running Wild, Well-Ventilated, and Free: CamelBak Zephyr Running Vest Review

By Mary Murphy From GearJunkie.com

GearJunkie editor Mary Murphy spent 8 weeks early in 2020 putting down miles while testing the new CamelBak Zephyr 10L running vest.

What do you get when you stick a frequent runner in quarantine? Well, ironically, more running. In the past 2 months, I’ve gotten creative with my running routine, and I’ve logged more miles per week than usual. Whether it was a quick morning jaunt or a long afternoon journey, a vest, to me, was essential.

Luckily, CamelBak had just launched a new collection of packs and vests. I tried out CamelBak’s Women’s Zephyr Vest ($150) to see how it performed over time.

Let’s Talk (Women’s) Specifics

Generally, I’m of the belief that gear for women doesn’t always have to be gendered (everything from hiking boots to climbing harnesses to skis.) But for gear that’s meant to hug your body during high-output activity and keep you comfortable for the long haul, women’s-specific is the way to go.

I do think CamelBak did a nice job with the vest’s women’s-specific design. Usually, slight differences between men’s and women’s vests include a fit narrower at the shoulder and slimmer at the torso, with more room at the chest area. This vest fits me extremely well in all three of those places.

The removable sternum strap (there are actually two) can be adjusted to your chest and height, and the side torso straps adjust easily while in place or running.

The vest fits two 500mL squeeze bottles. Depending on what else I was carrying, I stashed the squeeze bottles in either the upper mesh or midline stretch-cord pockets. (Although there’s a zippered security pocket intended for your phone, I preferred storing my smartphone in one of the stretch pockets for better accessibility).

For runs under 5-6 miles, one bottle was enough for me. For longer runs, I carried both squeeze bottles or slipped a 1L bladder into the main compartment. My advice with this vest: There are a plethora of configurations and options for carrying your gear and hydration, so find the one that works best for you.

How Does the CamelBak Zephyr Feel While Running?

I logged around 55 miles in this vest in total, and my favorite part of it is the body-mapped mesh. Simply put, the ventilation is amazing. I never experienced chafing or rubbing.

One feature of the vest that helped eliminate this is sternum strap loops at adjustable heights. In case you can’t find the right fit just by adjusting the torso straps, you can adjust the two straps above and below your chest, a great feature for women. 

Given its capacity, the vest weighs almost nothing — a light 7 ounces. I actually enjoyed running in this vest, whether on a trail or even around my neighborhood. (I’m the type of runner who finds myself frequently running farther than planned, so it’s always nice to have the essentials with me.) 

And in the age of COVID-19, that meant, at the very least, hydration, a pair of gloves, a travel bottle of hand sanitizer, and a clean mask for post-run.

CamelBak Women’s Zephyr Running Vest Specs

  • Capacity: 10 L
  • Compartments: One interior compartment, eight exterior pockets
  • Materials: Polygiene fabric, engineered knit mesh, BPA-free plastic
  • Accessories included: Two 500mL CamelBak stow flasks
  • Weight: 7 oz.
  • Price: $150

The Zephyr Vest Storage

The interior of the pack has room for a layer or two and bars, and maybe an extra water reservoir if necessary. It can fit up to a 3L reservoir. And in terms of price, you’re definitely paying for high-end materials. The stitching, buckles, and mesh construction are all solid.

After longer runs in hot conditions, I did, however, notice slight condensation on the interior of the main compartment. The first time, I assumed it was because the top compartment zipper wasn’t fully closed.

The second time, I guessed it was due to heat and humidity. It only happened twice. The more important note is that the mesh body paneling (the stuff against your shirt/skin) wicks sweat away very well.

I used the exterior mesh pocket on every run to stash a pair of gloves. Nothing ever jostled around, and the mesh pocket is deep enough to stow multiple small items safely. This storage was still super helpful for items I didn’t need within immediate reach.

Final Comments

I only have one complaint: the incorporated safety whistle. A whistle (helpful for those who run alone and during races that require safety devices) was on a loop just long enough that it bounced against the top sternum buckle, making a soft clicking noise while in motion.

My solution was to just tuck the whistle out of the way, but you could also try re-adjusting the pack. This probably wouldn’t be a concern for all runners, as I think it had to do with the height of that top strap (the third loop down).

Everything else on this vest — the light and breathable materials, the pocket placement, the functionality — were all great and super helpful when carrying anything besides a set of keys.

On my longest run, I was able to fit all of the following items: two 500mL CamelBak squeeze bottles, a phone, earbuds, a pocket knife, a bottle of Purell (thanks, coronavirus), a few energy gels, my EpiPen, my travel wallet, gloves, and a windbreaker. There are also bungees to secure trekking poles if you so choose.

So if you’re a female runner looking to run longer distances and want a comfortable vest for along the way, I recommend trying the CamelBak Zephyr on for size.

Gear Patrol: Design Experts Say This Is the Best Water Bottle of 2020 – CamelBak MultiBev

When a jury of product design experts awarded the best new products of 2020, the list included both Ferraris and this travel mug.

Earlier this year, when a jury of product design experts revealed its selection of the best-designed items of 2020, the list included a sleek office chair, an e-bike for commuters, three Ferraris and, somewhat surprisingly, a travel mug. The mug in question is CamelBak’s MultiBev, and calling it a travel mug — or any one thing at all — is somewhat misleading.

That’s because the MultiBev is a two-in-one drinking vessel. CamelBak built it as an insulated water bottle with a non-slip base but engineered its lower half to include a removable cup for portioning, sharing or using as an alternative to single-use vessels at coffee shops. The removable cup even gets its own lid, which is made of flexible, food-grade silicone that stashes inside the MultiBev’s main cap. That little compartment might even count as a third use, as it’s spacious enough to contain snacks, tea or a small wad of cash.

CamelBak Reign – Team Sport Bottle

How do you make a simple sport bottle a tool to help athletes avoid overheating during play? At CamelBak®, we do it by being obsessively innovative. CamelBak is proud to partner with the Korey Stringer Institute in advocating for optimal athletic hydration and safety.

Learn more about the Reign™ bottle at http://www.camelbak.com/reign

CamelBak Women’s Ultra Pro Vest – Editor’s Choice

Pick up this months copy of Trail Runner available digitally here to see their editor’s choice vest: The CamelBak Women’s Ultra Pro Vest.

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The Road to Kanza – A Newbie Takes on the World’s Biggest Gravel Race

Ben Delaney signed up to the Dirty Kanza 200 with no real experience gravel racing before. This led him to firstly question why did he even agree to this and secondly, how do you actually prepare for 200 miles of racing on gravel?

Luckily DK200 veteran Josh Patterson was on hand to give him some much needed advice. Follow Ben’s journey as a gravel newbie at the world’s biggest gravel race.

Products used in this video:

Customized CamelBak Bottles


Keep your customers hydrated with custom-printed CamelBak water bottles. Promote your company, team, event, or give the ultimate gift at your next holiday party. Two week production times and 72 bottle order minimums apply.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.05.54 AM


Laser etch your mark into stainless steel or screen print your art with vibrant inks. We’ve got the right technology to get the job done, the way you need. Our large run minimum orders means you get the quality your project requires.
Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 11.05.11 AM

CamelBak Hot Cap Travel Mug

CamelBak Hot Cap Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

Give lukewarm the cold-shoulder with the new Hot Cap bottle. A leak-proof 360° cap allows drinking from any side so you can sip subconsciously. Sweat-proof, vacuum insulation keeps the outside of the bottle dry and your beverage hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. Hot Cap can accommodate contents up to 195⁰F, 90⁰C. For easy cleaning, the rotating valve twists apart and can be removed completely. This cap is compatible with only Chute Mag bottles.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 10.59.09 AM.png