NYMag – The Strategist Haul – What the Editors Bought in March = CamelBak Eddy+

By Jordan Bowman | From NYMag The Strategist

CamelBak Eddy+ BPA Free Water Bottle – $15

I’m a big consumer of water. Keep that Diet Coke, no-sugar nonsense away from me, please. And I’ve been on the search for the perfect bottle for years. Last month, I spoke to Hanif Abdurraqib about how much water we can drink when we have a straw, and I was considering picking up a traditional tumbler, but I settled on the CamelBak Eddy+ because of the spill-proof function. You have to kind of bite on the valve to get the water out, but it’s great for hikes or if you’re like me and carry you water everywhere and don’t want to think about spilling anything. I’ve tried so many water bottles, but I’ve officially turned into a CamelBak believer. You won’t see me using anything else anytime soon.

To see the rest of the list check out: The Strategist Haul – What the Editors Bought in March

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