Runners World – Best Hydration Packs 2021 – CamelBak Ultra Pro W and Nano

From Runner’s World By Pat Heine

The Best Hydration Packs for Your Next Long Run

Carry water, extra clothing, trekking poles, and more with these versatile running backpacks.

When you’re heading out on a long run, a hydration pack is essential to carry not only all the water you’ll need but also the fuel and gear required for the conditions you’ll encounter. Today’s packs are far different from the traditional hiking kind, with smaller, lighter constructions that won’t bounce, remaining comfortable for miles.

CamelBak Ultra Pro W 6L Hydration Vest

The CamelBak Ultra Pro W gives women a tailor-fit version of the popular Ultra Pro vest. A six-liter capacity means this vest can carry enough for long races and big trail days while keeping a slim profile. Stretch pockets on the front, side, and rear hold all of your fuel and gear, and they’re easily reachable mid-run. For runners who use trekking poles, two bungee cords act as a minimalist quiver system to attach the poles to the back. You can also untie the bungee cords and switch them to sling poles over your preferred shoulder.

  • Pack Weight – 150g/5 oz
  • Gear Capacity – 6L/360 cu in
  • Water Capacity – 1L/34 oz
  • Hydration Type – 2x 500ml Quick Stow™ Flask
  • Torso Fit- XS26-32in S28-34in M32-37in L35-40in
  • Price – $120

CamelBak Nano Vest 1.5L

The Nano lives up to its name with a truly minimalist design. Breathable mesh with large holes helps keep you cooler and makes the vest barely noticeable as you’re wearing it. The Nano can carry two soft flasks on the front, and it has dedicated key and phone pockets. Side pockets allow storage for food and other gear, and the back essentially acts as a quiver for trekking poles, with a small pocket and two loops on the shoulder straps.

  • Pack Weight – 140g/4 oz
  • Gear Capacity – 1.5L/90 cu in
  • Water Capacity – 1L/34 oz
  • Hydration Type – 2x 500ml Quick Stow™ Flask
  • Torso Fit – S28-34in M32-40in L38-46 in
  • Price – $100

For the rest of the list check out Runner’s World

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