Arctic 12: Skiing Sweden’s 12 Highest Peaks | SCOTT Freedom To Explore E5

Skiing Sweden’s 12 Highest Peaks

Jackie Paaso and her team including #SCOTTwinterproteam members Erin Smart and Benjamin Ribeyre will spend 25+ days traversing North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The plan is to link together and ski all of the 2000 meter peaks that exist in Sweden. They also happen to be the only 2000+ meter peaks in Scandinavia that are located in the Arctic region. If successful they could be the first to climb and ski all of these peaks during the winter. This journey will take them over 330+ kilometers of some of the most beautiful, rugged, and untouched terrain in all of Europe. This area crosses some of Sweden’s most breathtaking, yet harshest environment and is considered the last wilderness of Europe.

Full film available now – ARCTIC 12

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