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Teton Gravity Research The Far Out Ones

REI presents Far Out, the new ski and snowboard film by Teton Gravity Research. No two athletes in Far Out are the same, but Fabian Lentsch sure stands out from the crowd. He might be the new guy on the team, but the young Austrian sure shows he has what it takes to ski in the wildest places on the planet. Like so many of his friends, Lentsch started off on the competition circuit, but the free-thinking individual quickly decided to take a much more independent approach to his skiing. He quit the FWT and started roadtripping. Remember, this is Europe we’re talking about, and #vanlife hadn’t quite caught up to the levels we are used to seeing in North America, but Lentsch forged his own path ahead anyway. After spending nearly a year building out a custom-built RV, he packed it full of skis and friends, and headed East on a trip into the unknown. Over the next few seasons, what became known as the Snowmads crew ended up skiing some of the wildest places on the planet, but of course, Lentsch always wanted more. This year, he took some time off the road to film for Far Out, Presented by REI, joining Angel Collinson, Johnny Collinson, and Nick McNutt to explore the mountains of Albania. Check out his part in TGR’s upcoming ski and snowboard film, and hear what he has to say about pushing the limits in all corners of the globe.


Teton Gravity Research The Far Out Ones Tour

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REI presents Far Out, a ski and snowboard film that embodies the imagination as much as it does a physical space. It is the quest to seek out undiscovered realms and inspire new waves of creativity, enlightenment, and progression. It is the quest to be blown away.

Join the TGR crew on one of its boldest missions ever. The film follows the perspective of an athlete as he embarks on a journey to one of the most remote and unexplored mountain ranges on the planet, the Albanian Alps. While the final destination appears to be the ultimate goal, it is the collective of athletes, experiences, and the array of locations around the world that inevitably drive the season’s adventure. Witness mind-bending pillow lines as the crew camps out deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. Experience urban madness in Kamchatka and the insanity of the Crazy Mountains in Montana. Join the crew in the Slovenian Alps for over-the-head cold smoke and watch an 11-year-old rip Jackson Hole. Discover the alien landscape of Girdwood, Alaska in January and see Sean Jordan ride into Crested Butte on a black stallion to shred the Southern Rockies. Find out if the wildest and most untamed mountains in Europe let us in, and if the ultimate destination became a reality.


SCOTT Patrol E1 AP30 Avalanche Backpack


Patrol E1 Avalanche Backpack

Introducing the revolutionary Alpride E1 airbag system, integrated into the brand new SCOTT Patrol E1 Avalanche Backpack.

The SCOTT Patrol E1 AP 30 backpack is the ultimate freeskiing avalanche backpack, which features the all new Alpride E1 airbag system. This fully electronic airbag system pushes the boundaries of innovation, thanks to its supercapacitor technology. It is the lightest electric airbag system on the market. With 30 litres of space to pack all your essentials for the day – elevating your safety for those unforgettable backcountry adventures.


SCOTT SPORTS – Winter is Coming

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Outside Magazine: The Best Packs of 2019 – SCOTT Backcountry Patrol AP 30

From Outside by Ryan Stuart

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.41.12 PM.png

Scott Backcountry Patrol AP 30 ($1,100)

Best Airbag-Equipped Pack of 2019

Airbag packs come in two varieties: those inflated by air canister, and those inflated by battery-powered fan. Air canisters need to be refilled after every discharge, usually at a dive shop, while the lithium-ion batteries in fan-inflated packs can struggle to hold a charge in frigid temperatures. Here’s where the Backcountry Patrol rises above the fray: its airbag system uses a fan powered by a supercapacitor battery, which discharges faster and refuses to slack off in icy conditions. Scott promises only a single inflation on a charge, but we were able to get two. As for the pack itself, the Backcountry Patrol’s main sleeve, avalanche-tool compartment, and lid pocket easily accommodated a day’s gear. Overall, it blends the ease of use of a battery-powered pack with the reliability of a canister system. If you’re an avy-bag holdout, it’s time to invest. 5.9 lbs


SCOTT Patrol AP30 Avalanche Backpack

2674494656_240742_png_zoom_15PATROL E1 AVALANCHE BACKPACK

The SCOTT E1 Patrol AP 30 is the ultimate freeskiing avalanche backpack pushing the boundaries of innovation. Its supercapacitor technology, along with exceptional design results in one of the lightest electronical airbag backpacks on the market to date.AlprideE1_Logo_BAGS_negative_orange



Cold temperatures do not affect the performance or charge of the supercapacitor


More pressure and volume in a shorter amount of time


-720g lighter than any other electronical system on the market
-1390g Backpack Weight


Train at home to make sure you know how to react on a bad day



Robust design to mitigate  electronic failure


No restrictions for traveling and shipping


Recharge on the mountain in 40min. without power supply or use your Micro USB to charge it in 20min.


For 3 month without checking it and activate the airbag twice without reloading any cartridges


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