SNEWs Elevator Pitch – Bridgedale StormSock

From SNEWS Elevator Pitch

Ride the elevator with Jim Evans, product manager of Bridgedale.

Bridgedale StormSock

Keep your feet dry through the storm.

Bridgedale’s new 100 percent waterproof StormSock collection has been designed and tested to perform to the highest standards in the wettest conditions when hiking, biking, or running, and will keep feet protected from wind, cold and wetness.

They’re made with the latest knitting technology with a HydroTech waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane. This new HydroTech PU membrane allows perspiration to pass to the outer layer of the sock while preventing outside water from getting in.

The StormSock is constructed with three layers of protection.

1. The inner Layer that touches the skin is made with up to 60 percent Merino Wool, which has moisture management properties, combined with wicking synthetic fibers to move perspiration away from the foot. A terry loop underfoot cushion that extends around both the toes and over the heel ensures comfortable feet in wet conditions.

2. The HydroTech™ PU membrane allows perspiration to pass to the outer layer of the sock while preventing outside water from getting in. This Hydrophilic nonporous PU membrane transports perspiration to the outside via solid state diffusion meaning water molecules are carried through the physical membrane as it seeks to maintain heat and humidity equilibrium. This membrane is not affected by foreign object contamination (such as mud, dirt and salts from sweat) unlike the more common microporous membranes commonly found in waterproof clothing. When laminated to the inner and outer layers this midlayer creates a 100 percent waterproof, stretchable and well-fitted sock.

3. The Nylon and Lycra outer layer protects the waterproof sock against abrasion from footwear and provides excellent stretch to ensure the sock is easy to pull on and off and guaranteeing a snug fit.

The StormSock guarantees foot protection and comfort for outdoor adventurers tackling the wettest trails and will be available online and through specialty retailers in North America in fall 2018.

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