Yakima Dr. Tray hitch rack first look review – MTBR.com

from MTBR.COM by Francis Cebedo

Slight upward rise of the rack provides more clearance for steep driveways.


A lightweight rack that easily expands to 3-bike capacity

The new Dr. Tray Rack from Yakima is a bit of an enigma. It looks massive but it weighs only 34 lbs when most of its competition comes in at over 50 lbs. Underneath the black powdercoating is 6063-T5 aluminum material used throughout the rack.

It can take on any tire size from road bikes to 29 Plus to 5-inch fat bikes. But it’s not approved for most heavy bikes since since the maximum capacity for this rack is 40 lbs per bike.

The weight for the 3-bike configuration is a shockingly light 44 lbs.

But its coolest trick is the the trays can slide side to side and front to back ensuring fitment of any combination of bikes without interference. And with an optional bike tray the Dr. Tray can be converted to a 3-bike carrier very easily.

Rack is slid forward to accommodate the third rail.
What we like so far
  • Incredibly light at 34 lbs for the 2-bike system and 44 lbs for the 3-bike
  • Trays slide in all directions to provide bike interference
  • Tilt mechanism lever is big and is at the most convenient spot
  • Massive tire size range allowed
  • Allows a 3-bike option for 1.25 inch hitch
  • fully fat bike compatible
  • No tools needed to install and remove from vehicle.
Tilt allows one to open the hatch even with bikes with 800mm bars.
Dr. Tray Features
  • Low weight due to all aluminum construction (34 pounds)
  • Available in two hitch sizes: 1.25” and 2”
  • Fat bike compatible up to 5” tires
  • Add the EZ+1 and carry a third bike (sold separately for $229).
  • Clearance of up to 18” between trays
  • Remote Control tilt lever and lightweight, aluminum design simplifies raising and lowering rack
  • Tool-free locking SpeedKnob for a secure and easy install to your vehicle
  • SKS cable lock system for each bike secures both wheels and frame
  • Price: $579

    PRW Note: it appears MTBR installed the first two trays backwards. But the rack will still operate fine, just a little tougher to reach the pivot arms.

So there’s our initial impressions so far. We’ve just had it a week but we’ll put it through its paces on many bike trips this summer.

For the full review check out MTBR.com and for more information stop in to your local Yakima Dealer.

Cam mechanism tightens the hitch interface and secures the rack with a lock.


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