How to Choose the Best Sock for Walking & Hiking From Steve Fowler


Tips for choosing the right waling socks from Steve Fowler, Managing Director of leading British sock and accessories brand Bridgedale.

  1. Pay attention to the material. Woolen socks on their own can sometimes be too hot and hold too much moisture and whilst synthetic socks can wick moisture there is nowhere for it to go inside your boot or shoe. A combination fibre mix featuring Merino or Enduro wool will provide good cushioning and also wick moisture away from the skin to help prevent blisters. With more than 100 years of knitting expertise, Bridgedale’s unique Fusion Technology blends synthetic and natural fibres to give you the best o both worlds and ensure the highest level of performance and comfort. My recommendation would be that unless you cannot wear wool, avoid socks made from cotton as they will hold moisture next to the skin with the potential to cause blisters.home_banners_1
  2. product-spotlight-newMake sure your socks fit properly. Whether you’re a keen hillwalker or a casual country rambler, good fitting socks are as important as properly fitter boots or shoes. Bridgedale socks feature lycra throughout the entire sock as well as additional Lycra at the mid-foot, above the ankle and in the cuff, to ensure a snug but not too tight a fit. Any bagginess or extra material at the heel or toe means it’s too big. Cheap, poorly fitting socks are not bargains, they will simply ruin your walk.
  3. Choose cushioned walking socks to give extra protection to those areas that take the most punishment, such as the ball of the foot, lace up area and Achilles. Seams should also be flat so they do not create more pressure points on your foot. Bridgedale uses a unique anti-compression technology in its foot pads giving protection where you need it most without adding unnecessary bulk.
  4. Choose the right weight. Lightweight socks are perfect for hiking in warmer weather, mid-weight socks are a good all-rounder and are ideal for a good intensive level of hiking, and heavyweight socks are intended for long-distance hiking in cold weather.  home_banners_2

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