SCOTT- ALL IN: Parts 1 and 2

Each new season brings opportunity for success as well as failure. The path is uncertain, and the destination is unknown, but the goal is always constant: to search and discover the right place at the right time. Some may call it luck while others recognize that fortunes are nurtured by preparation and perseverance. The willingness to drop everything on a moment’s notice and travel great distances without hesitation only strengthens the conviction, the mission, and the person. At times there may be hardship and injury to overcome. However patience is the foundation of clarity when all variables align and, for a precious few moments in time, you are allowed to follow your instinct and commit.

Suddenly, there is no turning back and the decision has been make to go ALL-IN.

ALL IN Part One :
Focuses on athletes, Sam Cohen and Corey Felton, as they discover that the best plans are never actually planned. Warmer than normal temperatures during the 2014-15 season forced the crew to abandon the Powder Highway and search for higher elevation in a remote corner of the Idaho backcountry. Blessed with stable conditions in an otherwise notoriously volatile snowpack, the crew methodically warms-up before tackling a number of legitimate big mountain descents. ”This is all part of the process,” admits Sam Cohen, “…you got to work your way up the ladder, cause every turn is training for Alaska.”


ALL IN Part Two : Enter the Chilkat Range (AK)
Part 2 showcases standout performances by Dane Tudor and Sam Cohen as they inspire each other to challenge themselves in the ultimate proving grounds, Alaska. Jagged, snow covered peaks collide with the deep blue ocean as these comrades work together creating a common bond in a land of sheer beauty and terror. Maintaining confidence while standing alone on top of a massive peak in a remote location requires a high level of self-confidence, and a special mentality earned through dedication and commitment. ”There comes a point when nothing else matters but what you truly believe in” according to Tudor, ”and for me that time is now.

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