Drink Safely With The CamelBak All Clear

From Industry Outsider by Brian



It’s possible that the All Clear is the most unique product offered by CamelBak. Does any other water bottle have a USB port, battery, and LCD display? Or a UV lamp built into the lid? Yeah, it’s unique. We know CamelBak for their hydration packs and water bottles, but the All Clear is made to help you stay hydrated when the available water may need a little extra help before you take that first sip.


The All Clear is a portable, microbiological UV water purifier. Sure, you could buy drops or tablets, and treat your water that way. Or you can buy a little wand to wave around in your water, and use that. Those will work just fine, and we’re not knocking them. But if you don’t want to work out how many drops or tablets you need to carry for a trip, and you don’t want to have to look for a bottle to wave your wand in, then turn to one of the most trusted brands in hydration, and their innovative All Clear.


CamelBak started with their 25 ounce (.75 liter) Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester bottle, which is the same bottle used in their Eddy and Chute. It’s BPA-free, tough, and dishwasher safe. They top it off with a lid that has a UV lamp, USB mini port for charging, LCD display, rechargeable battery, and a loop for clipping it to your pack or belt. Tap the top button twice, and a 60 second timer counts down. During that time, agitate the water. When the timer is done, it displays “UV” to let you know the water is safe to drink. Wipe the lid around the thread, and you are set. In case you have a bit of trouble with these simple instructions, CamelBak even printed them on the side of the bottle. One full charge will allow you to treat up to 16 gallons of water, which is 80 cycles between charges. Each All Clear ships with a regular lid for transport, a USB cable, and soft pouch for the UV lamp lid.

allclear1This is a great product, whether you are hiking and camping, or an aid worker in a foreign country. We used it on a recent trip out of the lower 48, where we were unsure of the local water at times. There is no way to know if the water would have harmed us, we only know it didn’t, thanks to the All Clear. The UV lamp in the All Clear will neutralize microorganisms to EPA standards, making it safe to drink. Many people think the process kills the little microbiological contaminants in water, but does not. Most of the time, the “bug” you get from drinking unsafe water is the result of all those microbes rapidly reproducing, and wreaking havoc on your insides. The UV lamp disrupts their DNA so that they can not reproduce, which renders them mostly harmless. No party for them. There’s your trivia for the day. If you want an All Clear for travel, your emergency kit, or just so you can sample running water while outdoors, you can get one from CamelBak for only $99. I would also suggest you check with your favorite local retailer, as it’s best to support them when you can.



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