CamelBak: Eurobike 2015

The below is an except of Singletrack’s in depth coverage of CamelBak at Eurobike 2015. Check out the full article here.

“While we showed a few new CamelBaks in Fresh Goods Friday 257,  we took a few minutes at Eurobike to catch up with Camelbak, look at the rest of the range and discuss new features. They have some nifty developments compared to the hydration packs of yesteryear. All of the packs are designed to hold the water lower down, hence lowering your center of gravity.”


Some of the new range come with these great looking tool rolls.

Big enough for most of the tools you’d need on an average ride.


The 4L Palos comes in orange or blue. It’s a lumbar pack, not a bum bag nor a lum bag.

There’s no guarantee it’ll make you a more aggressive rider. It’s just an enabler.


Drink Safely With The CamelBak All Clear

From Industry Outsider by Brian



It’s possible that the All Clear is the most unique product offered by CamelBak. Does any other water bottle have a USB port, battery, and LCD display? Or a UV lamp built into the lid? Yeah, it’s unique. We know CamelBak for their hydration packs and water bottles, but the All Clear is made to help you stay hydrated when the available water may need a little extra help before you take that first sip.


The All Clear is a portable, microbiological UV water purifier. Sure, you could buy drops or tablets, and treat your water that way. Or you can buy a little wand to wave around in your water, and use that. Those will work just fine, and we’re not knocking them. But if you don’t want to work out how many drops or tablets you need to carry for a trip, and you don’t want to have to look for a bottle to wave your wand in, then turn to one of the most trusted brands in hydration, and their innovative All Clear.


CamelBak started with their 25 ounce (.75 liter) Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester bottle, which is the same bottle used in their Eddy and Chute. It’s BPA-free, tough, and dishwasher safe. They top it off with a lid that has a UV lamp, USB mini port for charging, LCD display, rechargeable battery, and a loop for clipping it to your pack or belt. Tap the top button twice, and a 60 second timer counts down. During that time, agitate the water. When the timer is done, it displays “UV” to let you know the water is safe to drink. Wipe the lid around the thread, and you are set. In case you have a bit of trouble with these simple instructions, CamelBak even printed them on the side of the bottle. One full charge will allow you to treat up to 16 gallons of water, which is 80 cycles between charges. Each All Clear ships with a regular lid for transport, a USB cable, and soft pouch for the UV lamp lid.

allclear1This is a great product, whether you are hiking and camping, or an aid worker in a foreign country. We used it on a recent trip out of the lower 48, where we were unsure of the local water at times. There is no way to know if the water would have harmed us, we only know it didn’t, thanks to the All Clear. The UV lamp in the All Clear will neutralize microorganisms to EPA standards, making it safe to drink. Many people think the process kills the little microbiological contaminants in water, but does not. Most of the time, the “bug” you get from drinking unsafe water is the result of all those microbes rapidly reproducing, and wreaking havoc on your insides. The UV lamp disrupts their DNA so that they can not reproduce, which renders them mostly harmless. No party for them. There’s your trivia for the day. If you want an All Clear for travel, your emergency kit, or just so you can sample running water while outdoors, you can get one from CamelBak for only $99. I would also suggest you check with your favorite local retailer, as it’s best to support them when you can.



CamelBak Alpine Lumbar Technology

Take the load off your back.



A top-heavy pack can throw off your balance and leave your neck and shoulders sore. For the most stability, it’s important to carry your heaviest gear—like your water supply—low and close to your body.

CamelBak’s lumbar packs, like the Pursuit and Spire, take the weight off your shoulders and shift it to your hips to create a lower center of gravity—which means a steadier, more comfortable hike. That way, you can forget about your load and focus on the trail ahead.

  1. With the CamelBak lumbar reservoir, the weight of your pack shifts from your shoulders to your hips.
  2. A lower center of gravity gives you more stability on the trail.
  3. Our SV suspended back panel keeps your back cool and well-ventilated, even with a full pack.
  4. The loading pocket makes it easy to zip the reservoir in and out without unloading the rest of the pack.

Alpine Lumbar Technology is available in the CamelBak Pursuit™ and Spire™ packs.


CamelBak Chute


The perfect bottle for the outdoors, offering immediate hydration for any adventure!

The CamelBak Chute bottle comes with a leak-proof cap that delivers a high flow of water without sloshing or spilling. The spout cap snaps into handle to prevent it from getting in the way when drinking.

  • Angled spout provides an ergonomic drink interface that delivers a high flow of water without sloshing or spilling
  • Spout cap snaps into handle to prevent it from getting in the way when drinking
  • Comfortable to Carry: Handle designed to comfortable carry a full liter of water
  • Tether securely attaches the cap to the bottle for easy filling and refilling
  • Half Turn Cap gives you easy access to your water
  • The spout cap threads internally so there is no more drinking off those uncomfortable bottle threads
  • Dishwasher Safe: All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Durable and leak-proof
  • 100% Free of BPA and BPS
  • Wide-mouth opening is easy to fill with ice and water and a breeze to clean
  • CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we build it, we’ll Bak it™ with our lifetime guarantee.



CamelBak KUDU 12


ENDURO Mountain Bike Magazine –

Design & Innovation Award | CamelBak K.U.D.U 12


Jury Verdict

The K.U.D.U 12 is the new back-protector rucksack from Camelbak and aims to achieve the best compromise of protection and wearing comfort. To do this, the high quality pack is fitted with a lightweight protective insert which conforms to the demanding Level 2 Norm (CE1621-2) standard for back protectors. In order to get the weight as close as possible to the rider the K.U.D.U has a flat construction, and the 12 litre volume ensures enough load capacity. The concept really works: the new Camelbak sits perfectly, is comfortable to wear, and thanks to the deep hip belt it always stays in position. Proven features such as the functional rain cover and the 3-liter reservoir complement the package and make the K.U.D.U a well-executed pack for both races and all-round riding.


CamelBak M.U.L.E NV: Long-Term Test

The following was written by Vernon Felton for


Long-Term Test: CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV || $135.00
It’s been a year since I first reviewed this pack and back then I promised a long-term review, so here we go. I’ve been humping this thing around in the rain and mud. It’s seen the inside of my washing machine more than a few times and wound up being my go-to pack anytime I wasn’t hauling the entire kitchen sink with me on my rides. That’s not to suggest, however, that the M.U.L.E. is shy on the cargo space. The pack accommodates 12-liters of stuff. That’s 732 cubic inches, if you speak ‘Merican.

What’s more, all that storage is well laid out. You’ve got the monster pouch that accommodates tools and tubes and other bulky crap that doesn’t stow easily in pockets, then there’s the more organized secondary pouch; this one is complete with little velcro’d pockets for all that critical-but-tiny stuff that’d invariably go M.I.A. in your main pouch and leave you howling in frustration at some point (master links for your chain, that kind of thing). There’s also the plush-lined pouch up top, which is always a good spot for sunglasses and iPods. Finally, there’s another small zippered pouch that’s great for car keys and the like.


There are a ton of places to stash your spare tubes, pumps, keys, gu packs, master links and God-knows-what-else.

Oh, wait, did I say “finally”? There are also zippered pockets on the hip belt and you can stuff some fairly bulky items (that rain jacket you were so sure you were going to need) in the outer stretch overflow pocket. At least, I think that’s what they call it. Whatever the proper nomenclature, it’s something that gets a fair bit of use on my rides.

So, yup, lots of storage. But we’re still scraping the surface here. The CamelBak also comes with the company’s excellent 100-ounce Antidote bladder. The Antidote is easy to open, easy to fill and, crucially, once closed, it stays closed. Win. It also features the usual quick-disconnect hose and a bite valve that is about as close to perfect as possible.


They look weird, but CamelBak’s articulating pods greatly reduce that “My hydration pack is trying to kill me” sensation that you experience four hours into a ride.

Of course, being able to stuff a lot of crud onto your back does you no good whatsoever if doing so also makes you feel like you’ve got an angry midget dry-humping your back. Comfort is key. To that end, the M.U.L.E. NV also sports the usual plethora of straps that help to evenly distribute the load across your back and waist. This pack also features the NV back panel, which sports four “articulating pods” that are supposed to improve airflow. I was dubious—this looked like a potential case of over-engineering, but nope, it’s comfortable.

What didn’t I like? I know, this has been a bit of a love fest so far. Well, I’ve had problems with past CamelBak sternum straps popping off during the middle of the ride, but these stayed put all year long. Um….now I’m kinda searching here. Okay, the zippers could be waterproof. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. Seriously, it’s a pretty damn dialed pack. If you want max storage or you want to strap your full-face helmet to your pack, you should go with something larger. But for a lot of people, the M.U.L.E. NV covers the bases quite well and then some.


CamelBak Forge



CamelBak reinvented the travel mug for a better coffee-and-tea experience. Check out our all new Forge! Now you can experience your on-the-go beverages, reinvented for heat. An innovative travel mug to keep your morning fuel hot at home, at work, or working against mother nature’s terrain.

CamelBak ‘All Clear Contest’


CamelBak has teamed up with GearJunkie and Chill Expeditions. As a part of that up for grabs is a stash of gear! 15 readers will win.

To enter, simply read the GearJunkie post “UV Light Bottle Purifies Water in 60 Seconds,” and in the comments section tell us why you need an All Clear bottle for an upcoming adventure or trip.


Full Instructions:

1) Go to the story, “UV Light Bottle Purifies Water in 60 Seconds”

2) Comment on “why you need an All Clear bottle for an upcoming adventure or trip.”

3) Include your name and email in the comments form so we can get in touch with the winners!

Bonus: In addition to five All Clear bottles we’ll award another 10 readers a CamelBak bottle (Podium or Groove model) or a backpack. 15 winners in all!