Yakima Bedrock


Epic excursion planned? Double your truck bed capacity with the BedRock. You can carry anything from bikes, cargo boxes, skis or boats on top while leaving plenty of room for gear underneath.

  • Installs and removes easily with BedRock™ quick-release levers
  • No tools needed to install
  • No drilling into your bedrails required
  • Gives your pickup two levels of storage: gear up top with pickup truck versatility below
  • Multi-Sport tower system compatible with all Yakima accessories.
  • Compatible with multiple crossbar widths. Crossbars sold separately.
  • INCLUDES SKS Lock Core package to lock system to truck
  • Sold in set of 4 towers


Spring is here and it is never to early to start your outdoor adventures. Load up with the Yakima Bedrock and go outside.

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