GoPro Announces Partnership with Football Icon Jon Gruden

GoPro Announces Football Icon Jon Gruden as Brand Ambassador

Super Bowl-Winning Coach and Monday Night Football Analyst Partners with GoPro to Integrate Line of Cameras into the Game of Football


SAN MATEO, CALIF. (November 24, 2014) – GoPro, enabler of some of today’s most immersive and engaging content, announced a partnership with Jon Gruden that will change the way football is coached, played, viewed and analyzed. Together, GoPro and Gruden are experimenting with ways to integrate the super versatile, high performance and football-tough HERO4 cameras into a variety of practice and coaching scenarios to bring an entirely new experience to the beloved game. In conjunction with the announcement, the company has released “GoPro: Finish Strong,” an eight-minute video that immerses viewers in the growth of the Hillsborough High School Terriers through Gruden’s coaching with GoPro cameras. (posted above)


As one of the most accomplished football coaches of our time, Gruden is also a video analysis guru, bringing a critical eye to angles, plays and techniques. Leveraging the advanced capture capabilities and small size of GoPro HERO cameras, Gruden has been testing new ways to capture every moment on the field and provide never-before-seen footage from the point of view of the players and coaches.

“GoPro cameras can help every facet of coaching year-round,” said Gruden. “You can personalize drill work on the field, improve analysis in the media room and refine training in the weight room. If you have a good imagination, a GoPro camera will take your football experience to a whole other level.”

Sparked by the integration of GoPro cameras by the Monday Night Football production team into broadcast, Gruden paired up with GoPro to shoot a high school football team in Tampa Bay, which ultimately led to a national television commercial. This year, GoPro has taken an active role in supporting Gruden’s non-profit, the Fired Football Coaches Association (FFCA), which helps high school athletic programs gain access to resources, education, fundraising, and coaching to achieve championship levels of performance. In July, Gruden and GoPro visited the Hillsborough High School Terriers football team in Tampa Bay, spending four days running drills and refining plays with cameras mounted to the players, coaches and equipment. The impact and resonance of Gruden’s coaching, and the incredible points of view captured throughout the special FFCA-sponsored training camp, shine in the GoPro: Finish Strong video. Looking ahead, GoPro and Gruden will collaborate to help football teams learn best practices for using GoPro cameras as a coaching and training tool, support additional initiatives for the FFCA, and explore new integrations for GoPro in the game of football.


“Jon Gruden is an icon in football and exemplifies leadership in coaching. His belief in GoPro as a training and analysis tool and his passion for making athletes better at the sport is evident in the Finish Strong video we released today,” noted Todd Ballard, Global Director of Sports Marketing at GoPro. “Together, GoPro and Jon Gruden are giving people access to football moments they’ve never seen before, from the interaction between players and coaches on the field to unique points of view as a play unfolds.”

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