Yakima 2015 Hitch: TwoTimer and FourPlay

Overdue, but welcomed, Yakima is releasing a hitch-mounted bike with trays that will cradle all the current tire sizes out there. Yup, that includes 4.8″ fat bike tires. The days of taking your fat tires off and throwing it in the back of the hatchback are over. The TwoTimer rack holds two bikes and carry on the same tilt-down function of the HoldUp rack. The FourPlay rack holds four bikes, but the outer two trays can be quickly removed and only installed for weekend trips with the family.
The main channel has an additional recess at its lowest point to provide further stability for road tires. Feathering out the edges of the channel, fat tires sit atop the channel rather than in it.
Narrow tires sit in the cradles snugly and secure quickly with a ratchet strap.

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