Yakima HoldUp: Review MTBR.com


The folks over at MTBR.com have been using the Yakima HoldUp Rack for the last four months on their Subaru XV Crosstrek and have been surprised with it every step of the way. Their review is below.

It has served its purpose very well and has been a real easy rack to use. It’s easy to move out of the way when not in use as well.

When in use, it’s one of the easiest racks to mount a bike on. Unfold the wheel tray, lower the arm on the front wheel, strap the rear wheel and you’re done. The bikes are stable, as they don’t hit each other or the car. The rack is high enough not to hit high driveways, but not too high that it’s difficult to lift a bike onto it.

Stability wise, there is no play whatsoever between the hitch and the rack, since a threaded bolt will cinch them together. A 2-inch hitch will have less rack flex than the 1.25-inch we tested.

The rack has built-in locks that are very handy when leaving the bikes for a short period of time. They’re not bulletproof by any means, but they store out of sight and are always there when you need them.


With its build quality, price, compactness an ease of use, it is our favorite hitch rack so far.

For more information visit www.yakima.com.

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