Garmont: Powder Gear Guide

Like former University of Washington Husky tailback Chris Polk, sometimes, even the best go undrafted. Below are the Free Agents, items that didn’t get selected in the Fantasy Draft but that the POWDER staff believes should be on your radar come winter.

Weighing in at 2900g/pair, the Cosmos are the lightest four-buckle boots on the market. By comparison the Scarpa Maestrale RS weighs 3140g, the Dynafit Zzero CT-F is 3190g, and the black Diamond Quadrant comes in at 3440g. Kinda like splitting hairs, but it makes a difference at the end of a long day in the hills. Stiff enough to drive fat skis, 60 degrees of cuff rotation on the ascent, and a comfy thermoformable liner make the Cosmos an otherworldly AT boot.



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