Yakima BedRock, BikerBar and CrashPad

Got a truck? You’re in luck. Yakima has three brand new products just for you. The BedRock, a new truck bed rack system, uses a no-drill clamp mounting system. It will fit on any size bed, is compatible with all Yakima accessories and leaves room for storage once the bikes are mounted. The BikerBar, a removable truck bike mount, comes with all you need to transport two bikes. Available in two models tailored to mid- or full-size trucks. Finally, the CrashPad, a foam and nylon pad that conforms to your tailgate, lets you transport bikes over the tailgate scratch-free. Simple, but genius. For how long this transportation trend has been around, I’m surprised the Crashpad is just hitting shelves now.

By , About.com Guide
The BikerBar and BedRock are coming in 2013. The CrashPad is available now.

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