Yakima Hold-Up

Pick up a copy of Mountain Flyer for a great review of the Hold-Up from Yakima, a hitch mounted tray style bike rack.

Yakima – HoldUp 2

With so many different types of bikes (and front axle configurations) on the market, it’s increasingly difficult to find a rack that can accommodate them all, and more and more, I’m finding receiver hitch racks to be preferable over roof systems for the day loading convenience and versatility.

Yakima’s HoldUp 2 is a hitch rack that makes transporting bikes easy. With the HoldUp 2’s simple two bike tray design, a bike is easily set in the adjustable wheel tray as an extendable arm is tightened over the front wheel of the bike. The rear wheel is then strapped in place, and you are off to the trailhead. An optional two-bike extension increases rack capacity to four bikes but doubles the rack’s length. A separate cable lock is included to keep bikes secure for short periods of time.

Built from steel, the HoldUp 2 is a solid (and very heavy) piece of equipment. Its stout design makes it trustworthy: the bikes are securely fastened to the rack and, another benefit of a hitch rack, kept out of harm’s way for those who occasionally pull into garages and forget that a bike is on the roof. When not in use, the HoldUp 2 tilts upward, and the trays and arm fold into themselves to minimize the width of the rack.

Traveling with bikes can always turn into a bit of a headache without the right rack system, and if your ride time is suffering due to bike hauling problems, the HoldUp 2 will get you on the trail in a snap.

J. Carr

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