Introducing the Sea Otter GoPro Employee Bike Team!

GoPro, the Official Wearable Camera of the Sea Otter Classic, isn’t just sponsoring the pros this year. GoPro is also sending seven GoPro employees to compete at Sea Otter 2012. Get to know our pedal-pushing dream team.

AnneMarie Hennes – Post Production Coordinator for the GoPro Media Group

Event: Woman’s Dual Slalom Pro
Mount of choice: For racing I use a helmet mount because it’s the easiest. For general riding I rock almost every mount we make.
What I did before GoPro: I was a rockstar, went to grad school, worked in a bike shop, and rode my bike a lot!
Past Sea Otter experience: I love the Dual Slalom, it’s one of my favorite races of the year.
Athlete I am looking forward to watching at Sea Otter: Kathy Pruitt. Downhill Champion/CX Champion/ Rollerskating Champion and hopefully now a Sea Otter XC champion.

Benjamin Froke – IT Specialist

Event: The Gran Fondo , a 100 mile Carmel Valley loop race.
Mount of choice: Chest Mount – works great for all styles of biking and skiing.
What I did before GoPro: Post production engineer in Los Angeles and Professional Ski Instructor at Deer Valley in Park City, UT.
Past Sea Otter experience: I rode the 50 mile Gran Fondo last year. This year I’m stepping it up and tackling the 100 mile loop. Looking forward to 6000ft of vertical as we climb the curvy roads of upper Carmel Valley and the infamous “Los Laureles Grade”.
Words to live by: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein.

Christina Anderson – Creative Director

Event: Woman’s XC Expert

Mount of choice: Chesty so you can get a handlebar view and knees in the shot.
Pick up line: I like your hot pink spandex.
Crazy memory: Scorpion crash off a plank in Red Mountain, Canada
Words to live by: The journey is the reward.



Kris “Jaymo” Jamieson – Mountain Sport and Culture Marketing

Event: Men’s Pro Downhill
Pick up line: Hey baby does this camera make me look fat?
First bike memory: Riding a 1975 yellow Huffy with a black banana seat.
What I did before GoPro: Action Sports Industry Content Developer.
Athlete I am looking forward to watching at Sea Otter: Brian Lopes.



Kathy Priutt – Events Coordinator

Event: Women’s Pro XC Single Speed

Dream ride: Credit Line in Squamish, BC, Canada. Just need to watch out for the local kitties (mountain lions).
First bike memory: 4 years old on my little pee wee 50 at Hollister Hill park, totally shredding the kids area all fenced in.
What I did before GoPro: Raced my bike on the World Cup circuit
Past Sea Otter experience: Every year since 1998, except last year.

Salar Salehi – Media Team

Event: Men’s Cross Country and Mens Downhill

Mount of choice: Chesty, comfortable to wear, out of the way and great angle to shoot when riding.
Dream ride: Me riding around European Alps for months, that simple
Competition day song: “In a State” by Unkle
Athlete I am looking forward to watching at Sea Otter: Can’t wait to see all the pro guys on the track, go Cedric Gracia!
Words to live by: Live to ride, forced to work.

Dean Dealy – Sports Marketing Events Coordinator, aka the dude with the hook-ups!

Event: Men’s Cyclocross

Mount of choice: Handlebar seat post mount because it has the most versatility to mounting options.
Pick up line: Something from a Laffy Taffy wrapper.
Competition day song: Eye of the Tiger!
What’s rad about GoPro: My job and all the amazing trips I get to take and events I get to attend. I am honestly living a dream.
Past Sea Otter experience: My first time I made it on the podium. The second time, I crashed and burned and spent a week in the hospital with a fractured back.

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