Chopsticks + Spork = Multi-use Culinary Awesome

Check out Outside magazine’s review of GSI’s new titanium Kung Foon.




If you know someone who thinks eating backcountry ramen with a fork seems culturally inauthentic, yet does not have the patience to finesse campsite mac and cheese from a bowl to mouth with chopsticks,GSI has the ultimate utensil for them. The titanium Kung Foon combines the elegance of chopsticks with the practicality of a spork.

It’s an unlikely pairing, yet, GSI’s engineers have combined the two in ways that make the sum of the parts more useful than either utensil on its own. The chopsticks slide into the spork to create a long handled hybrid, perfect for scraping the bottom of rehydrated meal pouches and stirring pots without buring your fingers. But, chopsticks and spork slide apart so that you can use each on its own. The Kung Foon weighs four ounces, and collapsed is about 10 inches long. The set comes packages in a stamped metal tin that weighs about as much as the utensil. Available now, $17,

-Berne Broudy

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