Yakima Cargo Box Rebate

Purchase a specified Yakima cargo box between February 1st and March 22 and Yakima will put some cash back in your pockets. Or cash back in your purse, if that’s the way you prefer to roll.

If you purchase a Rockeybox Pro series, Skybox 12 or Skybox Pro 12 series 75 big ones (aka $75) are coming back your way.

If you purchase a Skybox 16s or 18, Skybox Pro 16s, or Skybox LoPro you’ll get a Benjamin (or $100) coming back at ‘cha.

If you purchase a Skybox Pro 18 or 21 series, or a Skybox 21 and 12,500 cents ($125) will be your bounty for a great decision.

You can check out all the details here.

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