The Last Nikwax Knowledge Bomb

Dr. Nikwax is giving us one final knowledge bomb before going on to pursue bigger, better and hopefully just as dry things.

THIS month by the numbers

Here are a couple of fun facts for you:

So far this year, Nikwax NA has shipped 74,000 10 oz bottles of Tech Wash. That’s a pretty big number. But, the Godfather of the brand is still the big boss man – we’ve shipped over 82,000 bottles of TX.Direct (both formulations)!! WOH!

On another note, the tax-paying residents of Washington D.C. aren’t the ONLY ones without representation in our nation’s capital. Only 37 bottles of Nikwax have been shipped to non-chain stores in the DC area in the last 13 months!

But which are the states where you would be least likely to find Nikwax? Mississippi and Oklahoma. Looks like it’s time to start working on our southern drawl… 😉

Which states have the most? Well, Ontario and British Columbia are practically awash in our products, kicking Washington’s (at number 3) rear.

Now some Nikwax customer questions!!

Question: Will Tech Wash or Down Wash improve the water-repellancy of my jacket/garment?
Answer: Not exactly. Tech Wash and Down Wash will remove anything the might be masking or blocking the DWR, but they will not replace or reactivate something that isn’t there.

Question: My tent floor is leaking. Can I use TX.Direct to reseal the seams in my tent?
Answer:Nope. TX.Direct is designed to maintain a fabric’s ability to breathe. You want something that is water-tight no matter what and only a true sealant will do that.

Question: My jacket is really old. There really isn’t any reason to use Nikwax products… I may as well get a new one, right?
Answer:Nonsense, friend! Unless your jacket is physically coming apart (separated seams, de-lamination, rips, tears, holes and the like), you can always add a new DWR. Now, older garments tend not to remain waterproof as long… but that older jacket can make a great back-up or occasional-wear piece. That is, unless you already need a spare bedroom for all your gear…

Thanks for sticking with me for the LAST of my Knowledge Bombs.

Dr. Nikwax

a.k.a. Kelsey

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