Gear Patrol – The New CamelBak ChillBak Pack 30 Is a Mobile Party Station That’ll Demolish All Your FOMO

By Gear Patrol

CamelBak ChillBak™ Pack 30

CamelBak, undisputed champ of hydration-on-the-go gear, has done it again, and the brand’s latest innovation is literally a crowd-pleaser. This is the ChillBak™ Pack 30 Soft Cooler & Hydration Center. And if you’re thinking, “man, that’s a really big product name,” your head’s in the right place because its name matches the goods: ChillBak™ Pack 30 can hold enough beverages (adult or not) that its official motto should be “no party left behind.” Read on for more details, but first, try and wrap your head around this: properly equipped, this insulated pack can tote 24 cans, 15lbs of ice, six extra liters of water and any small essentials you’ll need for your trip. Moreover, it’ll keep drinks cold for 72 hours and retain frozen ice for 72+ Hours. But that’s not even half the story.

ChillBak™ Pack 30 Soft Cooler & Hydration Center

See, this is exactly the kind of gear that instantly makes you the Most Popular Friend in any situation: on a hike, at a picnic or tailgate party, in the backyard and beyond. Coincidentally, you’re probably also the strongest guy in the group (or soon to be) if you can handle traveling by foot with the pack fully loaded. We did the math for you: all-in with 24 cans (~20 pounds), all that ice (15 pounds) and the extra six liters of water (~13 pounds), you’re responsible for roughly 50 pounds of pure party potential . What can we say? You’re a beast.

Thankfully, if you and your friends do your jobs right the trek back will be far lighter, but should the prospect of toting that many bevvies has you worried, fear not. CamelBak engineered the ChillBak™ Pack 30 for fun and comfort: its back panel and shoulder straps are comfortably padded, and a waist belt helps distribute weight. Still, upon arrival, you’ll deserve the first beer after doing what is essentially a basic training Ruck March.

Toting your favorite, perfectly chilled brews is an outdoorsman’s dream, especially when you’ve got easy, one-handed access via the cooler compartment’s roll-top closure, which CamelBak says provides “superior thermal efficiency.” And, of course, no CamelBak gear would be complete without the brand’s signature feature. The ChillBak™ Pack 30 includes a Fusion™ Group Reservoir that stores an extra six liters of water and stows behind the pack’s back panel. (After all, the key to having fun is staying hydrated. Remember that.) Better yet, you’ll have easy access to that H2O via an exterior spigot.

That’s right, you can roam around the campsite playing bartender and topping off everyone’s water bottles. Which we’d guess would feel kind of like using a Ghostbuster Proton Pack, only instead of a dangerous “unlicensed nuclear accelerator,” your new Camelbak is an unimpeachable License to Chill. (Especially if you did something absolutely CRAZY and filled that six-liter reservoir with a boozy punch, or… just booze. Not that we’d ever recommend something so reckless enjoyable, OF COURSE. (By the way – and this is totally unrelated – you guys ever fill a watermelon with vodka?)

So pick up a pack, pack your pack and enjoy th– wait, sorry, what’s that? You want to haul even more stuff to your destination, like a water bottle, EDC and other essentials? Well, friend, along with being extremely confident in your load-bearing ability, you’re in luck: there’s more storage in the rolltop area and a stretchy side pocket to boot. 

If earning the Most Popular & Strongest Friend merit badge isn’t enough to make you proud, also know that the ChillBak™ Pack 30 is constructed with safer chemicals, earning it the Repurpose Silver Sustainability Badge. (Hold your end of the bargain and bring all your empties back from camp for proper disposal.)

Gear connoisseur, your adventures just got a ton more fun and your legs just got much more muscular. CamelBak’s ChillBak™ Pack 30 Soft Cooler & Hydration Center is the one-man band of the cooler world, and it’s gonna boost your adventures to a whole new level.

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