RinseKit: Your Portable Hot Water Shower

From GiGadgets.com by Michelle Wang

Have you ever stuck in the mud but found nowhere to clean up after a long hike? Or had no access to clean water to prepare a dinner around the campfire? No worries. The RinseKit will properly have this trouble settled. It is a pressurized water tank with a six-feet hose hidden inside, making it an easy-to-transport gadget when you are heading for hiking, camping and more.

With its patented design, RinseKit retains the same water pressure as a conventional garden hose (55-75 psi), which allows the two-gallon water tank to be filled full without pump or electricity. Hook up the RinseKit to any faucet, which allows the water to be compressed and spring out from the nozzle through the hose. It provides a continuous spray for around five minutes before the tank dries up.

With six sprayer nozzle settings available, the RinseKit provides multiple functions to suit your demands. Either a dirty or sandy feet rinsing, or a muddy gear cleaning, the RinseKit has your requirements covered. But under the high-power “jet” settings, the water runs quickly, be sure to store enough water in advance.

Additionally, the device features a battery-powered heater system that quickly heats water in the RinseKit chamber to 100°F. With a full charge, the tank can hold heated water for hours, removing all the troubles that you may face with cold water. For example, you can take a hot bath before heading to bed even in a camp.

Outdoors fans may find the RinseKit useful in many ways. They can use it to wash away dirt, sand, and salt water after a sun bathing on the beach, give a shower to the dirty gear, pet or wash dishes without worrying about health issues. What is more interesting is that they can even measure the catch with a built-in ruler. The removable lid is also can be used as a standing pad or cutting board. No worries, its sturdy builds make this RinseKit durable.

Since RinseKit was created, it had grabbed media’s attention, and featured on ABC, USA Today, Fox, and more media outlets. Such an extensive coverage is partly a result of its user-friendly design, and most importantly, the inventor Chris Crawford’s dedication to bringing effective cleaning solutions for outdoor fans.

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