Groove Life Silicone Rings – The Best Silicone Rings

PRW is happy to announce a relationship with Groove Life, makers of the Groove Ring, the best silicone ring on the market. Below is a review of the Groove Ring from If you are interested in selling Groove in your retail store please contact us at

Groove Life Silicone Rings – The Best Silicone Rings

From by Dave Marcus

Some of my favorite products we review here are little things that solve silly problems I have. I know I’m not the only one that has these problems, so when these products come along, I love sharing them. One of my problems (I have many) is that my wedding band causes really bad calluses on my hand when I wear it while riding my bike. There are plenty of other situations where it makes sense to take off one’s wedding ring: shoving one’s hand into the garbage disposal, using a circular saw, or pretty much any time there is the possibility of sharp metal things spinning quickly near your finger come to mind. For all of those situations, let me introduce you to Groove Life Silicone Rings.

Groove offers two models – the Original and Thin. Both are 2.2mm thick. The Original is 8mm wide and the Thin is 5.5mm wide. 8mm is perfect – it’s the width I chose for my wedding band – substantial and manly without looking like Nikki Sixx. The Thin is less substantial but still wide enough to be unisex. All Groove rings are made from 80-durometer, medical grade silicone. There are multiple “medical grades” of silicone, but each is tested for biocompatibility. So, you won’t have any sort of skin reaction to the ring.

Groove Life isn’t the first silicone ring I’ve put on my finger. I’ve purchased two other brands in the past. But, Groove’s rings blow away the other brands I’ve tried. Other rings had molding artifacts that irritated my fingers. I tried to modify one with a pair of scissors, trimming off the sharp edge. It did not go well and ended up looking like absolute crap in addition to being uncomfortable. I lost that one. It may or may not have been intentional.

Compare… Same ring size.

Groove’s rings are less bulky on your fingers than others I’ve tried. The molds are more refined. And, they include sophisticated features you won’t find anywhere else; the inner portion of the ring is vented so things don’t stay soggy if you get your hands wet. Groove says they’re the only “breathable” silicone rings available. Marketing mumbo jumbo – the rings themselves don’t breath – but the venting does let air circulate. Whatever you want to call it, it’s effective.

There’s a downside to all this – Groove Life’s rings are more expensive by a large margin than some of the other rings you can get off Amazon. Each Groove ring is $29.95.  You can get a five-pack of cheapo rings for $6.50.

The question is, should you go cheap or go Groove? Let me frame it like this: before Groove sent their rings over, I chose to go ringless while riding rather than put the cheap silicone ring on; after Groove, my gold band is sitting in the cabinet and has, for the moment, been completely replaced and the Groove ring has not left my finger.

They also offer what may be the best warranty ever. No matter what, they will replace your ring.

Nicked on a bandsaw? Covered.

Dog chewed it, swallowed it, and pooped it out? Probably wash it first, but yeah, covered.

They’re more creative on their warranty page than I feel like being right now. Go for the dissatisfied wife, stay for the penguins.

So yeah, you should probably get at least one Groove Life silicone ring. For safety…right?


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