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It doesn’t matter if you’re the family man, the acurian camper, a backpacker, alpinist, or a road warrior keeping your pack light really makes a difference when you’re headed out into uncharted territory. Cooking equipment can become a real burden, which is why we’ve put together a plan of action for one pot meals. From breakfast all the way to dessert, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned.


Rise and Shine!

Time for breakfast! If you find yourself off the grid this is going to be a very important meal for you, it’ll provide you with the fuel you’re going to need to get from peak to peak. Or if you’re with the family, it will get you from breakfast to lunch! Either way, one pot is all you really need! Cinnamon rolls are a great way to carb load early in the day and are super easy to make in a dutch oven! You can bring all of the ingredients with you and have the homemade experience or, for our backpackers the lighter option may be to go with a store bought cans of rolls, we don’t judge.


You’ll want to start by creating that same cooking campfire we talked about in our post on “How to Cook Like a Caveman”, it will be under “The Hunt”.  Added tip, don’t lug charcoal with you, instead find rocks and place them in your fire, get them nice and hot and then VERY carefully, use tongs to move them into that second space with your embers this is where you’ll place your dutch oven. Place all of the rolls into the dutch oven with a little wiggle room for expanding and allow them to either rise overnight or for an hour or two in the morning. Now for the exciting part, place your dutch oven over the hot embers and rocks, carefully use tongs to add a few to the top of the dutch oven. Now sit back, enjoy a cup of joe and in about 30-35 minutes breakfast will be served! Check out Macheesmo for some pretty delicious, detailed instructions.


What’s For Dinner?

The sun is setting and as the heat of the day starts to burn off the campfire is just heating up! Heavy and hearty meals are hard to come by on the trail, especially for those backpackers who go out for a weeks at a time. But for those of us who are doing the overnight or weekend trip, we’ve got a couple of ideas for hearty one-pot dinners. First, if you are taking a weekend trek and a cooler isn’t included on your packing list we suggest leaving the meat at home. Without proper cooling, you risk spoilage. Never fear! There are vegetarian options out there that are still totally satisfying and filling. If you need meat, think about bringing pre-cooked bacon, jerky or other types of dehydrated meats.


If you’re down to give the veggie thing a try, may we suggest a lentil stew. Super hearty, warm and very filling. Check out this awesome Coconut Red Lentil Stew with Kale we discovered from Fresh Off The Grid. Best part with this one is the ingredients are fairly light and you can combine the spices in one plastic baggie as opposed to taking all of the jars with you.


Something for the Sweet Tooth

Typically when we’re searching for something sweet while camping we all start to reach for the sticks and marshmallows; however, this time around we’re doing something a little different. Again, we’re going to use that dutch oven! After cinnamon rolls, you can basically do anything, same principals apply.


If the iconic s’mores are just too much to let go may we suggest testing out a newer version? S’mores cake, it’s all the rage! Start by laying out an angel food cake base, tear the cake into small bite sized pieces. Then break apart your graham crackers and lay them on top, you can even mix a few into the angel food for a little added texture. Follow this up with the chocolate, again break into smaller pieces so that when it melts the cake and crackers are covered. Finally, add those marshmallows, completely cover the top with them. Cover with the lid and let it sit in your cooking campfire. Once the marshmallows have that golden color you’re ready to serve!


Remember, anything goes! Cakes, pies and even sweet breads just thrown a few chocolate chips in and you’ve crossed that threshold into dessert.


While our expert level campers my stick to their dehydrated food packs and protein bars, it’s always nice to have a few options. We love to cook here at GSI Outdoors and we’re always here to help. Check back for more on anything and everything outdoors!

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