CamelBak K.U.D.U. 12 Review


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We go through a lot of backpacks riding bikes. They always get destroyed from the mud, bushes or crashes or just get kind of gross after a while with all of the use, especially during winter time when they are subject to a lot of wet conditions. The KTM powerwear Ogio pack is great and has been our go-to pack for a few years now. I think we are on our third version of it already. Anyway, we were asked if we would like to try the new camelback K.U.D.U.™ 12 enduro pack and since it comes with an integrated back protector we were happy to give it a try.

Overall, if you are after a backpack/hydration pack, with an integrated back protector, this one does the trick!

It fits well and you don’t notice there is an impact protector integrated. On our enduro bikes we usually wear a back protector when riding anyway, but a little extra protection can’t hurt, and when riding the bicycle we don’t wear any protection unless we hit the bike park, so it’s welcome for sure. Size is big enough to fit some knee pads, snacks, wallet, extra clothing layers and other stuff you may or may not need and of course it has a water bladder for long rides.


It has 3 straps which hold it extra solid when riding, and is a well designed and put together product. Here is the official info:

“A narrow-gauge lightweight enduro pack with integrated back protection, 12 liters of cargo and armor carry. This pack is built for the enduro racer looking for a lightweight combination of protection and cargo. The flexible back protector panel absorbs over 94% of impact in a crash and is designed to handle multiple blows. The Impact Protector™ is made of flexible, lightweight foam that moves with your body, so you’ll get the protection you need without feeling like a tank. And the wider waist belt and dual sternum straps keep the pack positioned securely. With 3 liters of hydration and room for stowing body armor and a full face helmet, the KUDU can go the distance between far-flung stages in an enduro race. If the weather turns, an integrated rain cover pops up to shield your gear, and there’s a secure half-shell helmet carry for aggressive descents while wearing your full face. We’ve also added a bike tool organizer roll that fits into a cargo space, so you can easily grab your tools and get to work.”

Overall, if you are after a backpack/hydration pack, with an integrated back protector, this one does the trick! We are certain it won’t be our last backpack, but we have no complaints about it at all and hope it lasts us a while.

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