Growlerpalooza 2015: Which Travel Growler Is Right For You?

What do you have planned for this holiday weekend? Are you packing your camping gear and heading into the back-country? Loading up the car to get to a family BBQ? Staying at home and enjoying some calm and relaxing festivities?

Any of these can be made better by the perfect beverage.

The folks at Gear Institute want to make sure you have all the information you need to select the best insulated growler to have your favorite brew cold and at your side for your next adventure.


Check out the full test here:


They tested everything from temperature and freshness to pour-ability, portability and intangibles.

6 different growlers were tested including the Innate 64OZ Craft Growler.

The Innate Craft Growlers are the ultimate in insulated on-the-go convenience. Many breweries offer take away beer in glass growlers that can easily shatter while commuting, but Innate’s premium insulated stainless steel growlers eliminate that risk. Sleek, durable and double wall vacuum insulated with a comfortable two fingered carrying handle; these beauties keep your beer safe and at an optimal serving temperature for you to enjoy on all of your adventures.

  • Double wall vacuum insulated construction for maintaining beer at optimal serving temperature.
  • Unique two fingered carry or pour handle with integrated lid and a cam bump. Cam bump locks lid in place to prevent it from flipping forward when pouring or drinking.
  • Airtight insulated lid with stainless steel insert to avoid taste pickup.
  • Premium 304, 18/8 food grade stainless steel body.
  • Comes in a 64fl oz [1.9L] or a 32fl oz [1L] size.


Here is an excerpt from their conclusions:

When we first branched out to take on this daunting task of standing around and drinking beer all day, we all assumed some clear winners would rise to the top of the list. What we soon found out was that it was situational, and that each of these travel growlers had moments to shine. (Well, except for the brown glass one. That thing is a nightmare).

But, alas – we didn’t spend a day drinking the amazing Banded Horn Brewing Pepperell Pilsner out of these fancy containers just to balk at the end! So here are the goods:

The runt of the bunch – and perhaps the least known too – the Innate 64oz Craft Growler excelled in all areas that we tested, and then some. First and foremost, it kept the Pepperell Pilsner cold and fresh, but it also provided an easy pour, and was a cinch to carry in almost every way.”



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