GSI Outdoors & Innate Gear


GSI Outdoors is pleased to announce that we’ve acquired Vancouver, Canada based Innate (, whose product collection of essentials for travel, food, and drink delivers seamless performance from work to adventure helping customers live healthy, active lives. We were drawn to Innate’s focus on creating clean design for active lives (a design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener) and how that meshes nicely within the GSI Outdoors brand.

“The integration of Innate products into our collection is a key step in our expansion plans and the growth of our footprint in the outdoors market,” commented Don Scott, co-owner of GSI Outdoors. “Their ultra clean designs and ecologically sensitive approach to product development mesh well with the direction we are taking, evident in our spring 2015 collection.”

We can’t wait to show you some of the amazing new products in the weeks to come.


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