GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Series Cookware

19614_415531691867432_1976273739_nA GSI original design…

Premium performance with exceptional value. A technically advanced blend of everything your camp cookware should be. Let’s talk about GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Cookware– it’s highly-conductive, lightweight aluminum. Honest, dependable and more attractive than ever. Bugaboo is the dependable, non-stick option for all your outdoor cooking needs. These high-quality aluminum pots and pans are light enough for backpacking, yet heat evenly enough to satisfy the most demanding camp cook. On the outside, the durable, high temperature paint on Bugaboo series cookware protects the aluminum core from both abrasion and oxidation and provides a beautiful, gloss finish. Plus, each piece is fully-formed then coated with two layers of durable nonstick coating for added scratch resistance. Teflon Classic Coating- two layer coating, good scratch + abrasion resistance & non-stick performance. It’s material is made of- High-Temperature coated Aluminum- lightweight, even-heating, brilliant & gloss finish.

GSI Outdoors features numerous Cook Set, Frypan, Griddle & Mess Kits Designs


Bugaboo Camper


Bugaboo Backpacker

Bugaboo Base Camper- Small
Bugaboo Base Camper- Medium
Bugaboo Base Camper- Large

Bugaboo Frypan- 8″
Bugaboo Frypan- 10″
Bugaboo Frypan- 14″


Bugaboo Griddle


Bugaboo Mess Kit

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