GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookware Set

Review from
by Andy and Tami McDaniels on November 22, 2012

One of the things I like about spending time in the outdoors is being able to try out new recipes on the camp stove. Enjoying a tasty meal at the end of a long day of hiking, canoeing, hunting or any other outdoor adventure is the icing on the cake.


The Pinnacle Camper by GSI Outdoors provided all the tableware and cookware I needed to make and enjoy a fabulous meal in the outdoors, and I didn’t even have to think about what to pack. The set includes a three-liter pot, a two-liter pot, two strainer lids, a nine-inch fry pan, four 14 fl. oz. insulated mugs, four 14 fl. oz. bowls, four 7.5” plates, four sip-it tops, a folding pot gripper, and a welded sink that doubles as the stuff sack.

In addition to being a complete and compact set, I found that the cookware was really easy to use. The handy folding pot gripper locked into place easily and proved to be a sturdy handle for cooking. The food I prepared cooked quickly and evenly. The non-stick surface made easy work of frying, but it also made the clean-up a cinch. After the items were cleaned, I found it was quite simple to reassemble the pieces into their original nesting positions.

This set is designed for four-person car camping, but can be reconfigured for two-person backpacking.


The Pinnacle Camper is compact, durable and easy to use. The cookware is coated with a non-stick coating using an advanced technology that enables it to reach higher temperatures faster. This is a very important feature to me. Faster cooking means less energy is used which in turn means a fuel savings can occur. The surface of the cookware is treated with a hard anodized aluminum to ensure even-heating and durability. The tableware is ultra-light, stain-resistant and–what I really like most–odor resistant. In addition, the insulated mugs are buoyant.

If you look at other reviews about this product, you might read some that include negative remarks about the lids, stating that they melt. However, the Pinnacle Camper has been recently updated with NEW lids. The lid material is now high-temperature Nylon 66. The rims are now protected with silicone rings on the lids. This prevents edge melting from the high flames and keeps plastic from contacting a hot pot rim. The Pinnacle Camper I reviewed came with the updated lids. I did not encounter any problems with them.


The Teflon with Radiance technology and quality of construction lead me to believe this product will provide years of excellent service. I think if problems are encountered it will be due to human error, like cooking at extreme temperatures or allowing a pan to boil dry.


Having purchased a lot of cookware, I was amazed at the retail price of only $129.95. The fact that you get so many pieces makes it a great value for the money.


The Pinnacle Camper is compact, affordable, and easy to use. I recommend this product to all backpackers and campers who do not want to put effort into packing, but who do want to enjoy a good meal.

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